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Tips for Experimenting Sexually (and Safely) in College

College is arguably the best time to experiment with what you like sexually. You’re miles away from home surrounded by all new people. Sex can get boring if you’re doing those same old three positions so maybe it’s time to try something new. Here are some tips for how to safely experiment and branch out with your sexual experiences. 


1. Watch videos

There is nothing wrong with watching sex videos to learn new things. I’m not saying you should be glued to pornhub 24/7 but before you actually try something, it’s good to see how it’s done. Videos can give you ideas for things you never even thought about trying before.



2. Visit a sex shop

It can be uncomfortable walking in a sex shop for the first time, but it’s literally a big ass toy store for adults. Go with your significant other or even by yourself. Even if you don’t buy anything, browsing can give you ideas for something you may want to try. Here are a few places in Hampton Roads that you can visit:

  • Spencer’s- Patrick Henry Mall

  • The Love Shack-  Newport News, Virginia Beach

  • Tunnel of Love- Virginia Beach


3. Masturbate

Figure out what you personally like. Masturbating is a great way to get in tune with your body and enjoy sexual pleasure without the extra risk. 


4. Have a conversation with your partner

If you’re in a relationship or plan on engaging in the experimentation with a certain person, make sure to have a conversation with them beforehand. Talk about if there’s anything specific you’ve ever wanted to try. Especially talk about your boundaries and limits. Cliche as it sounds, have a code word for when you want to stop. 



It doesn’t have to be anything silly, but if either of you begins to feel uncomfortable or wants to stop at anytime you can be done with one word.


5. Practice

Practice makes perfect. Things may not go smoothly the first time you try something new, but if you’re serious about wanting to branch out then try again until you get it right. Experience is the best way to determine what you do and don’t like. 


Remember these tips the next time you decide to get a lil kinky in the bedroom!



Kennedi Jackson is a senior journalism major, leadership studies minor from Atlanta, GA. She is one of the 2020-2021 associate editors for the HerCampus Hampton U chapter. Post-graduation, Kennedi hopes to work in an editorial position, communications department, or digital media.
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