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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner ladies and gentlemen. The day can either be one full of love and affection or dread for some people. Nowadays it’s hard to tell whether someone is interested in you or even feeling your vibe. The process of connecting has become complicated with things such as the “talking phase” or even “situationships.” These complications can be exhausting and discouraging, however, the following indicators will help you identify whether he or she is truly into you. 


1. Your Phone is Buzzing

When someone is truly into you they are going to make the effort to hit your line consistently. Whether it’s to check up on you or simply start a conversation, they are making an effort towards effective communication. Besides, they will go out of their way to talk to you, especially when you aren’t answering the phone. If they are not hitting your line or the conversation is dry, stop while you’re ahead. Your time is precious and it should not be wasted. 


2. It’s All in the Eyes

Let’s be real, eye contact can be occasionally awkward. It’s usually avoided in most cases. Therefore, if they’re making full eye contact with you a majority of the time they are most likely feeling you. Additionally, if you both can keep eye contact for long periods without looking away, be careful, sparks are bound to fly! If they fail to make eye contact with you, especially when you’re talking, it gives the impression that they are not interested. Your eyes are a window into your soul, not everyone deserves to see it.


3. Hands-On Mode

Most people like their space and set their boundaries accordingly. However, if they’re very touchy with you, this is no coincidence. Being hands-on and touchy is a strong indicator that someone is feeling you. Pay attention to how and where they’re touchy. If they aren’t hands-on, that’s okay, don’t force it. Just remember, don’t let a clown touch you. 


4. Their Playlist Switched Up

It’s always important to pay attention to the music people play around you, they’re usually trying to tell you something. If they stray from their normal tunes to Tinashe or Summer Walker, take your AirPods out and listen! If you catch a lyric that sounds oddly familiar, it’s no coincidence: they’re just trying to communicate the best way they know-how. Now, if they’re bumping Future or their regular bops, they aren’t trying to tell you anything. 


5. You’re the Next Kevin Hart

Look, between me and you, you aren’t that funny. They most likely know this but to them, you’re a comedian. They’ll laugh at your jokes constantly and smile whenever you talk. If the laughter comes out easily, they are definitely into you. Initiating humor and responding positively to it is just a way of trying to see if a relationship is desirable. Humor creates a positive, warm feeling so, if they’re always laughing around you you give them that feeling. 


6. The Little Things Become the Big Things

Personally, the ultimate love language is simply paying attention to the small things, the things that most people don’t pick up on. Things like “I remember you said you liked that . . .” or remembering previous things you’ve said are major indicators. One, it supports the idea they are serious about getting to know you and secondly, it enforces that they care. Whether it’s remembering your busy schedule, remembering your favorite movie, etc they took the time to get to know you and keep these things in mind. If they aren’t giving you this energy, stop. They either come correct or not at all.


Valentine’s Day or not, these indicators are apparent year-round. Let’s stop waiting for them to text, make moves, and admit to something that isn’t there. Your time is beyond precious and should stay that way. We aren’t sweating over anybody! If you feel like your person has lit up every indicator, on to the next stage. Most importantly, be honest with yourself as you analyze what’s going on. If it’s meant to be, then so be it. If not, we aren’t pressed, their loss. 

Kamiel Beckley

Hampton U '23

Kamiel Beckley is a biochemistry major and leadership studies minor from Louisville, Kentucky. She attends the illustrious Hampton University. Kamiel enjoys traveling and creating. Her goal is to pursue biomedical research while also maintaining her love for writing and art.