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R&B star, TV personality, and worldwide dancer, Teyana Taylor and Sacramento Kings shooting guard/small forward, Iman Shumpert, have become a fan favorite within the last 3 years. Everybody’s “couples goals” started by shocking the internet with the reveal of Teyana’s pregnancy with their baby girl, Iman Tayla Shumpert a.k.a Junie and their engagement at the baby shower. These newlyweds are choosing to not “let up” on being in the public eye by premiering their new reality show, “Teyana and Iman”.

Their reality show “Teyana and Iman” gives an inside scoop on their relationship, sex life, Junie, and even the specifics of their careers. With this TV show, the couple is attempting to break down contemporary barriers and rerouting the typical love story into something new, fun, and exciting. So far, so good!


The first episode of the show gave the audience a synopsis of how both Teyana and Iman’s personalities work together. We got to see an inside scoop on Teyana’s new Fade2Fit workout routine and Teyana even divulged how hard it is to get spicy with her husband with her baby girl around. The second episode showed a more fun side of Iman when Teyana showed him how to tame Junie’s edges. We also got to witness Teyana try to overcome her fear of swimming for little Junie.

Just when we thought the show couldn’t get any better, the 3rd Episode gave us the most Junie we’ve ever seen. Junie and her dad took the opportunity to go shopping to match each other for the VMAs. To stop the “perfect relationship” rumors, they gave us the opportunity to see them argue and make up, as well. Since the show has aired, the audience has had the opportunity to see this beautiful family in action. Teyana’s grand personality mixed with Shumpert’s “too cool for school” personality makes for the perfect family for a 2-year-old baby girl. These personality mashes also make for the most interesting reality show in a long time. This show is nothing like T.I and Tiny, nor Love and Hip Hop. “Teyana and Iman” brings a new and improved flare to the station.


If you want to see things get spicy between these budding reality stars, don’t forget to watch on Mondays at 9 pm on VH1!


Jazmin Lee

Hampton U '20

Jazmin Lee is a junior, Biology major from the "Queen City" Charlotte, NC. Her hobbies include singing/writing music, reading everything from poetry to blogs, and of course......socializing. She is currently studying at the illustrious Hampton University. 
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