Stormy Daniels: What Would Happen if it Were Obama?

It is already quite evident that the standards of the presidential office have been lowered ever since current president Donald Trump took the position. The 45th president has already participated in activities that Obama was criticized for or could have been heavily criticized for like taking golfing trips, making “excessive” amounts of executive orders, or lying impulsively. And it is no surprise that Trump is a disloyal, aggressive womanizer if his grab-her-by-the-p*ssy comments are anything to go by. But in the heat of the #MeToo movement, surely no one could stand for this anymore.

American pornography actress Stormy Daniels sat down with CNN News Anchor Anderson Cooper to tell her story about her inappropriate affair with Trump. She discussed having unprotected sex with him, spanking him with a magazine with his face on it, and how he admitted that she reminded him of his oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. While this is all occurring, it seems as though it is not making a significant difference on Capitol Hill. For example, Bill Clinton was ridiculed for his affair with Monica Lewinsky, and the situation ended in impeachment and rightfully so, but no one seems to be batting an eyelash at Trump besides the media. Why in the world have we sunk so low?

The answer to the question is in the time of such political polarization and rampant racism and misogyny, people on the right would rather keep their mouths closed about Trump’s disgusting behavior because he feeds into their bigoted agenda. And if it had been our 44th president, Barack Obama, conservatives would have had a field day. They attempted to find something morally wrong with Obama for so long, even going as far to criticize his choice of Dijon mustard on a burger on Fox News. However, Trump gets a tap on his hand and then it’s back to defending his indefensible policies. I understand people have certain ideologies they agree with, and in Washington D.C., a legislator is practically obligated to defend a political official from their own party, especially the president, but that is a practice that needs to be left behind. Trump has already committed acts that Obama never came close to committing, yet conservatives were far harsher on the latter than they were on the current president. It simply isn’t right, and the racial bias is obvious, and it’s ugly.

Photo Source: Daily Beast