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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

On behalf of Hampton University and HerCampus, we all want to welcome you to your new Home by the Sea! Here at Hampton, this is your chance to reinvent yourself for the better, step out of your comfort zone, and make a name for yourself through joining different clubs and organizations.

Now reading this, I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “Wait… how am I supposed to do all this without my family, in a whole new place, and with barely any money?”

 I was in the same place last year and I completely understand. This is a scary thing. But also, this is an amazing opportunity and a chance to make a brand new you. 

Here are some tips towards stepping into adulthood here at Hampton University, and how you can begin to step out of your comfort zone and be the best version of yourself. 

Find your real friends: When coming into college, I know it sucks to hear but not everyone is going to be your friend. Sure, it was easier in high school when you had the same classes with your friends and saw them every day.  But in college, you will not see the same people all the time. There are almost 4,000 students here at Hampton! It’s okay if you feel like you’ve found your circle of friends and only stay by them all the time. But at the same time, I would recommend keeping them close but not cutting off opportunities of meeting new people through joining clubs as well! 

Save  your money: Welcome to adulthood. You had about 18 years of your parents giving you an allowance or maybe you had a job in high school with a nice income. Coming to college, you won’t necessarily have a way to make money anymore. I know Doordashing sounds nice when you have a craving for Five Guys or maybe some sushi. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself especially when you’ve had a bad day. Trust me, I’ve been there and it was worth it! But looking back now, did I really need to get Bojangles every Tuesday simply because I wanted some mac and cheese? Definitely NOT. My bank account was CRYING after a few weeks. I would recommend making yourself a budget for spending for when you NEED to. Especially for necessities like groceries and school supplies. Also, there are ways to make money on campus through getting a job, becoming a tutor, or if you have a small business as well.

Know how to destress and unwind: College is stressful! With the workload of classes, being social, having to share your space with a roommate, staying respectful, and keeping yourself sane, it’s a lot to manage on your plate! It’s not healthy to hold all your stress in without having an outlet to relax. Take advantage of your home by the sea and take a mental health day whenever you feel that it is needed. We have our beautiful waterfront with benches to sit on and enjoy the view, the gym, and our Peer Counselors if you ever want to talk to a peer about your stress and ways to cope. You are not alone here!

Learn how to deal with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out): Another aspect of Hampton that you will learn to either love or hate, there is always something going on everyday. It may feel overwhelming when walking through the stu and seeing another organization having their week of events posted up and you feel as if you have to go to every single thing or you won’t be ‘cool’. But hey, let’s really think about it. What’s more important in your life? Going to every single party and event, or spreading your time out wisely and just going to what interests you? Personally, I think the latter is better. Coming to Hampton, I felt as if I missed one thing, I missed out something amazing and I felt ‘lame’. There is no need!! The best thing about the events here at Hampton is how if you miss one thing, there will be something else literally the next day so there’s no need to feel bad. 

Managing your time wisely: I would recommend using a planner! Thanks to my mom, my planner became my best friend. Whenever I had something important going on, I would take out my planner and a nice pen and write it down! Seeing all my events, when I had tests, and when I had free time to relax and hang out with friends kept me sane. Keeping a planner, either online or an actual physical copy is essential for staying organized.

I hope some of these tips help you become more independent at Hampton University. There’s no need to freak out and feel as if you’re alone. With the help of your Hampton family, your Hampton experience will be a 10/10 and you will grow and learn more about yourself and be amazing! We are all rooting for you and your success!

Jasmine Brockington is a second-year Journalism Major with a minor in cinema studies from Richmond, Virginia. She is a strong advocate for awareness of health in Black Women, mental health, beauty, and expressing her opinion on real-life topics. Jasmine loves to write, read, and work out at the gym. In her free time, she also enjoys writing poetry and journaling while listening to music.