Spring Fest Check List

Finally Hampton Students it’s the month we have all been waiting for. March Madness is on its way to our campus because Spring Fest is quickly approaching. But lets make sure that this year your stocked with all the materials you’re going to need for this years events!


1.     Sunglasses:

This is a must ladies! Find a cute pair of sunglasses to go with at least 3 different outfits and you’ll be set for the week. We know you’re gonna kill the game with your wardrobe, but why not take it up a notch with a cute pair of shades for the evenings festivities. After all how else with you respectfully throw shade to all your haters?

2.     Platform Shoes:

This may seem like an over dramatic fashion statement but is defintelly a must. Who wants to roll into spring fest looking like last year? Add some spunk to your outfit and grab a pair of cute platforms. I promise it’ll set any outfit off!

3.     Money:

This may seem like a pretty basic need but its essential. You don’t want to be the only one not eating at the vendors during spring fest. This is the one day food is amazing on campus, make sure you have your money up girl because it’ll all be worth it when you see everyone else quenching their thirst with a strawberry lemonade.

4.     Music Playlist:

The best part of spring fest besides the vendors and 12-2 on Friday has got to be the concert. But lets make sure you know the artists youll be turning up to first! Make a music playlist and check out some of the tracks of who will be coming. You wont regret when you get a free concert and everyone around you is hype!

5.     Bucket Hat:

Last But not least, the best accessory. A bucket hat! Whether its stamped with “Hampton” across it or a beachy one from Lids, you’re set. This will assure you shade and protection from the sun while also keeping you fly! Be different gal !