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Spring Cleaning

Growing up, spring cleaning was something my family did every March. Spring cleaning wasn’t like the typical Sunday morning cleaning, this was a deep clean. This cleaning routine got into all the crevasses and hard to reach places. Over the years, our spring cleaning became more than physical. Spring cleaning became a time for a cleanse of the mind, body, and soul. 

Mind: Being a college student, our minds can get cluttered and jumbled together. We tend to get lost in all our responsibilities. During this spring cleaning, I suggest taking one to three days, to simply, get everything done. Your mind will feel so clear when you don’t have a million things to do. Dedicate time to finishing all your tasks. The hardest part about getting all your things done is the motivation to do it. So find a comfortable space, put on some music and get to work. Decluttering your mind will pay off in the long run. 

Body: I love a good body/health cleanse. My favorite type is juicing. For one to three days, I will only drink detox juices for my meals. Disclaimer: this is not a diet, but simply a way to cleanse your body. Saltwater flushes are also a good way to detox. I suggest doing these when you don’t have much to do. If you want good detox recipes, Pinterest is a good place to look. 

Soul: The other type of spring cleaning I like to do is emotionally cleaning. Like I said before when doing physical cleaning, I get all the hard to reach places and I clean it all the way, not leaving any trace of dirt. I like to do the same with my emotions. With all the hustle of my life, I tend to push my emotions down and cover them with my other responsibilities. If I’m feeling sad, I don’t allow myself to truly feel that, because I think I don’t have the time. During my emotional spring cleaning, I hit my issues head-on. I acknowledge my feelings and I deal with them. Take this time, to heal your broken feelings. But also make sure after you start the process of healing, that you take the time during your spring cleaning to feel joy and happiness, don’t wallow in your sadness but allow yourself to move forward from the things that have emotionally been holding you back. I suggest getting in touch with your spirituality and faith to do so. 

Overall, take this springtime, to clean your mind, body, and soul. It’s ok if it doesn’t happen right away, this type of cleaning takes time. Be patient and enjoy the process. 


Jala Tucker

Hampton U '21

Jala Tucker is a junior from Baltimore, Maryland, currently enrolled at Hampton University. She is a Strategic Communications major with a minor in Leadership Studies on the Presidential Scholarship which places her in the University’s Honors Program. At Hampton University she is a member of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute as well as the Student Leadership Program. Volunteering at places such as the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and interning at the Maryland State Department of Education has enhanced her passion for improving social and political issues through communication. With her degree she hopes to get her Masters in Public Policy, explore the Public Relations and Communications world.
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