Six Makeup Brands that Embraces Every Shade of Black Women

Don’t you just hate it when a makeup brand’s shade range goes from 50 shades of white, to one shade of tan-ish and one shade of somewhat brown? Or when a brand waits months after its release to extend its shade range? Yeah, it sucks when beauty brands treat black women, who come in a rainbow of skin tones and undertones, as an under thought. But instead of side-eyeing those brands, let’s celebrate those that embrace black girls in every shade. Here’s to the brands who got it right the first time.



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Flesh is the new girl in town and she is showing these veteran brands the business! With a foundation shade range of 40 beautiful shades, the brand has distinguished itself as one who can get their shade range together without a release of new shades. (Bonus Points: their shade range goes from darkest to lightest)  


2. Clinique  

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Clinique is known for their makeup that doesn’t just look good on skin, but is good for it too! Their Even Better Makeup Broad Foundation has 56 shades, with over half being  medium-deep dark ranges.


3. Mented Cosmetics  

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Need a matching lippie for your new foundation? Mented has options for black girls of all shades.They even have nude nail polishes! But, that’s not the best part about Mented. Their fabulous lipsticks and glosses are lip liner optional.


4. The Lip Bar

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Speaking of lipsticks, the Lip Bar made sure to keep their fellow brown skinned sisters in mind. From being called “colorful cockroaches” on shark tank to owning a colorful array of high-quality lipsticks, Lip Bar CEO Melissa Butler had the ultimate come-up. While her brand has the boldest blues and the fiercest reds, their “Never Enough Nudes” collection has beautiful natural nudes for every brown girl.




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Looking for a super concealing pigment? APDG has 46 of them in an impressive amount of shades. The concealers are often used by dancers, body painters, makeup artists and other professionals. This southern American brand has products that can withstand the southern humidity. Not sure your shade? Well you’re in luck because the brand sells sampler packs with similar tones for $12.50.


6. Black Up

This Paris-based brand is the first French beauty brand crafted specifically for women of color. The Black Up promises on its website professional results and a “100% non-ashy finish.” While this brand only has 18 shades in its Matifying Fluid Foundation collection, every shade is black girl friendly.