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Sister, Sister

My sister and I are only 13 months apart. I LITERALLY cannot remember what life was like without her. Ashlyn and I have always been close but I never would have expected we would end up at the same college. Trying to determine who “followed” whom to Hampton is a very sensitive subject in the Jones household. Technically, Ashlyn decided on Hampton her sophomore year in high school. Me? I didn’t decide until a couple days before graduation. In my opinion though, her “claiming” Hampton was like trying to call “shotgun” for the front seat of the car; if I end up getting there first, it’s MINE. With that being said, she followed me here and that’s that. Having my sister at school with me is very bittersweet but the good far outweighs the bad. Here’s a list of things that naturally make college better having a sister around:

1. We always have someone to vent to

Whether we are having trouble with a teacher or having an argument with one of our friends, we know we always have each other to turn to.

2. We can share clothes

Now, if you’ve seen my sister you can clearly see that the tall, thick girl genes skipped over me and went straight to her. I’m sitting here with the short, skinny girl genes but somehow we can still wear some of the same clothes. We’re very strategic with this one. We never let one take something without the other taking something as well. For example, she currently has my moccasin boots and I her Nike’s.

Complaining about mom and dad is so much easier in person

PRIME EXAMPLE: Just yesterday I saw Ashlyn in the business building and we had a five-minute rant about how our mom was crazy for trying to ruin our Spring Break plans.

I definitely don’t miss home as much when she’s around

Since were from Illinois, going home is not a simple tasks. It’s either a $400 plane ticket (each) or a 14-hour drive. We normally pick the drive. However, we only really go home for Christmas so it’s amazing to have a family member right down the street.

When we see each other on campus it’s like a family reunion every time

Every. Single. Time. I have no idea why it’s still so exciting to see her around campus when we’ve been here together for three years, but it is. We hug. We chat. It’s a great time.

When we go home for breaks we can talk about how we hate school

This one is a lie actually. As soon as we get back home one of us will go into the others room and say, “So…I’m ready to go back now”. It never fails.

PSA: We DO NOT look that much alike, stop saying we look like alike. Thank you.

 – Management



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