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Sometimes it can be hard to figure out if a guy really likes you are not. Trying to read in between the lines and understanding the mixed signals he gives off can be nerve-wracking. Well, I have decided to go to the source. I have asked these guys how they know if they are into a girl. This interview goes into the minds of four guys, and I believe their answers are a good representation of the male population.

The first interviewee is Jaden Crosson. He is a Five-Year MBA major from Washington D.C.

McClammy: How do you know if you’re into a girl? 

Crosson: I know that I’m into a girl when talking or hanging out with them doesn’t feel like a chore. When things feel natural and unforced, the relationship/friendship grows into something much more healthy. 

McClammy: Yes! I definitely agree with that.

Crosson: I also know when I’m into a girl when I’m willing to open up to her and speak on certain things. As an introvert and someone who’s not very vocal about his emotions, it’s hard to find someone I’m willing to let in completely. So if I feel like I’m truly able to just confide in you and feel comfortable with my words around you, then I’m definitely feeling you. 

Moving on, the next guy I asked was Jordan Bratton. He is a second-year Nursing major from Charlotte, North Carolina. He serves as Mr. SNA for the 2021-2022 school year. I asked him the same question, and here was his response:

Bratton: A few ways a guy can tell he likes a girl is when he starts checking on her daily, making sure she’s okay. He’ll drop any and everything he’s doing when she says she has an inconvenience. Honestly, you get a feeling inside yourself and just feel yourself liking that person.

McClammy: What’s the first thing you notice about someone you’re attracted to?

Bratton: The first thing I notice is someone’s attitude and how they carry themselves. 

Next, we have Justin McCray, who is a second-year biology major on the pre-dental track from Charlotte, North Carolina. 

McClammy: What are a few things you notice about yourself when you start liking someone? 

McCray: I’m thinking about you during the day and I’m finding ways to be able to see you or be in your presence despite any of our hectic schedules. When I talk about a future that includes you. More specifically, when I begin to use “us” and “our” instead of your own or my own. When I feel comfortable naturally to be able to be myself and show my vulnerable and affectionate side. Essentially, when I feel it’s ultimately appropriate to let my guard down without any thoughts of betrayal or dishonesty. 

McClammy: What’s the first thing you notice about a girl? 

McCray: Definitely how you carry yourself and your overall aura. For example, does your energy just draw attention naturally when you walk into a room? Is your presence demanding in a sense? Are you confident and comfortable with who you are as a person?

Finally, we have TJ Farmer, who is a second-year Journalism major from Jacksonville, North Carolina. 

McClammy: How do you know you’re into a girl? 

Farmer: I start doing things without her asking. I begin to accept her flaws while learning to appreciate them. 

McClammy: What’s the first thing you notice about someone you’re attracted to?

Farmer: The first thing I notice is ​​their confidence in themselves and how they carry themselves. 

I thank all of my interviewees for their responses and for helping us figure out what goes on in most guys’ heads. However, my advice is to just be straightforward! It may be hard, but asking someone if they like you will give you the answer you need the majority of the time. 

Aliyah McClammy

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