Secure Your Boo: It's Cuffing Season

Ladies, Hot Girl Summer has come to an end. And you know what that means, it’s almost cuffing season! For those of you who do not know what cuffing season is let me fill you in. As described by Cosmopolitan Magazine, cuffing season is that period from October to March when people have a desire to be “cuffed up” with someone. It’s mainly when people make the decision to be in a serious relationship with just one person. 


People usually decide to get cuffed up around this time because there aren’t many moves to be made, it’s cold outside, and the days are shorter. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine’s interview with licensed psychologist Dara Bushman, “People tend to feel more lonely during these months and have higher levels of testosterone, driving people to cuff up. In the winter, the days are shorter and colder—with less outside activity. Feelings of isolation and boredom start to set in.”


Although it is cuffing season and you may see everyone in love with their significant other, do what’s right for you. Don’t get into a relationship unless you think the person is worth giving your time and love to. Just because it’s cuffing season doesn’t mean that you need to stress yourself out about finding a boo. You might need to sit this season out and spend some time with yourself before you give love to another person. 


If you do choose to participate in this year’s cuffing season, make sure that you speak with your partner about intentions. Be clear about what you want - if you’re looking for a long term relationship or just something for the season. Don’t waste your time nor theirs. All in all rather you choose to participate in cuffing season or not, simply do what’s best for you.