Relationships in College: Realistic or Fantasy?

College is all about earning a degree, finding your true self, and having the time of your life in the process. Many feel that having a relationship is also a part of the college experience and that they did not fully live up to that college expectation if they did not have one. While being in a relationship can be a very magical experience, it should not be forced. Some feel that there is a void missing when they are single, and that causes them to go search for what they feel is missing.

In order for you to have the ability to give to someone else in a relationship, you have to love yourself first. A healthy relationship exists when two people love themselves enough to give an abundant and endless amount of love to each other. While it may be cliche, self love honestly is the best love. Without it, you’re just playing yourself. How can you love someone else when you don’t even love yourself? Take the time out to find yourself, know what you truly like and dislike, and what makes you happy or upset before you look to be in a relationship.

Most students in college are still looking for themselves and are trying to enjoy their experience, they aren’t looking for marriage necessarily. Do not stress over not being in a relationship at this age, just take this time to better yourself to become the best version of you possible. Love will come naturally, and you will know when it’s real.


In the meantime, enjoy life! Make the dean's list. Finally join that club or sport you always wanted to join. Start a business. Make lifelong friendships. Be productive and make this time in your life count!