From R&B to Winter Essentials, HC gets to know Justin Whitner

Scheduled in between his busy class schedule, and sure to not get in the way of his pre-weekend activities, I had the pleasure of interviewing Charlotte’s very own, Justin Whitner. Formerly known around campus as JWay, J Whitner, and probably even Whit, this entertainment and sports fan schooled me on his top artists and much more. As we bring in His Campus week, keep reading to learn more about the man behind the music and the memes. 

With his own chapter of His Campus Media, Justin would focus on sports, music and entertainment. A fan of Solange, among others, he swears that music is the reason he stays sane. “Music could really help people if they took lyrics seriously and knew how powerful they could be.” Clearly y'all aren’t playing enough Gunna according to Justin. He lives by Future, Drake and Trey Songz who were the top artists from his Apple Music Replay. Party Next Door is an honorable mention for the R&B enthusiast. On the topic of music, I asked him if listening to his favorite album is a part of his self care routine. “I run a lot of R&B, and a lot of people don’t know this but I used to play a lot of Frank Sinatra.” For the uncultured, Sinatra is practically an American icon, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide. “My favorite movie is The Incredibles because of the music. It’s really jazzy.” His favorite song from the movie is during the scene when Mr. Incredible loses his weight, to be exact. Following his favorite movie and album, he would top his self care day off with a drive to Chik-fil-A. 

If you follow Justin on Instagram, you’ve seen his talent of putting music behind trending memes, sports clips and Marvel movies. I had to know the why behind this hidden talent of his and where it all started. “In High School I used to dance, that’s how I learned how to put music over movies. People started laughing so I just did it more and more, next thing you know it has become a habit.” Start watching his video clips and you'll thank yourself later, his music selections don't dissapoint. 

It's the season for being fitted, yet warm, so I asked Justin what were his top winter fashion essentials. "Sweats, but fitted sweats. They have to be fitted. Hoodies, denim jackets and Uggs for males are essential. I don't really dress up anymore but when I do I dress for the women." 

Before Justin tries to jump show by talking about women- Hampton women specifically, I try to squeeze in one more question. 

To see how well Justin knows his Home by the Sea, I asked him to tell me what was something on campus that he knew was going to happen at least once a week. His answers were spot on. 

1. The caf is going to have rotisserie chicken

2. A girl is going to complain about a Hampton man when she’s friendzoning her “best friend”

3. Someone is going to ask you if you’re going to 12-2

Sounds like a true Hamptonian to me. 

Justin has one final semester left in his undergrad career (s/o Onyx). When I asked him what he is going to miss most about Hampton, confident, and with no hesitation he answered, “Women, I’ve never seen so many beautiful Black women a day in my life.” 

Ladies, after his graduation, you can find Justing preparing for law school and working. But you might want to shoot your shot sooner than later, the school year is quickly coming to an end!

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