No D*ck? No Problem!

 As women, one of the greatest gifts we could ever give ourselves is the gift that comes however many times you want it to (literally). If you didn’t get my dirty reference, I’m talking about an orgasm. There are a multitude of ways to reach the beautiful peak of euporia, but for the sake of this article, your favorite writers at HerCampus are here to give you four sex toys you can use to reach your greatest climax. Who ever said No D*ck November had to be boring? Not us! 

1. Satisfyer Pro 2: Next Generation

Satisfyer? More like SATISFY HER! For my clitoral stimulation girls, this is the best investment you could ever make in yourself. Not only am I Biased, but it’s no secret that the Satisfyer Pro 2 is Adam and Eve’s Number 1 selling vibrator. Since unboxing this beauty, I have never put it down. I could write endless love poems about what this toy has done for me. 10/10 would recommend.  I’ll tell you my own personal story. 

After leaving my most cherished old rabbit vibrator at a AirBnB New Year’s 2019, I decided to continue to bring in the New Year with post nut clarity by buying myself a new toy. I purchased the Satisfyer from Adam and Eve and it even came with two additional toys for free! Estatic and curious, I pressed the white power on button and turned the intensity up maybe 2 notches. Not even five minutes passed and then it happened… I had made myself s****t for the first time-ever. I didn’t even know my body was capable of such things. This is not to say that if you purchase the Satisfyer, you will teach yourself to s****t. Every woman’s body is unique and every clitoris and G-Spot takes different stimulation points to reach an orgasm. In fact, only 46% of women reported having orgasms.

2. Adam and Eve Silicone G-Gasm Rabbit

Prior to purchasing the Satisfyer, my favorite toy was the G-Gasm Rabbit. This toy uses a dual stimulation method to combine vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation to drive the most integrated, intense orgasms that leave most women experiencing a “blended orgasm.” Why choose between clitoral stimulation and penetration when you could have the best of both worlds?

3. My Private O vibrator

This toy is a hybrid of a dildo-styled love bullet. As described on, “With a smooth plastic tip and body, this small vibrator easily slides against your intimate curves and pairs up great with a little of your favorite lube…..The vibrator’s raised rounded circles and a tapered shape near the tip mean this sex toy can be gripped like a pen, allowing you to direct pinpoint pleasure exactly where you want it! Vibrations are centered in the tapered end to deliver full strength sensations wherever it’s placed.” 

    1. This toy would be ideal for the girls who know exactly how to please themselves but don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so. Lucky for you, this toy is priced at only 12 bucks! You can’t beat that sis. 


4. We-Vibe Sync

In a long distance relationship and want to spice things up a little bit? Put down the camera phone (If you know, you know) and pick up your wallet to purchase the We-Vibe Sync! According to Carolanne Marcantonio, a licensed master social worker and sex therapist based in Brooklyn in an article by The Strategist, “The way it works is fairly straightforward. One end “can be worn internally, and then the external part would lay, if a female-bodied person wearing it, on the clit,” who also recommended We-Vibe. “You could also wear it during penetration. That way, the internal part rocks up against the G-spot, and the external part gives clit stimulation.” That means you’re experiencing stimulation from penetration as well as from the toy, at essentially every possible angle. What makes the Sync especially user-friendly is that the angle of the toy is adjustable, so it bends to more comfortably fit the wearer’s shape.

This toy comes with an app that you and your partner can download and go straight to town! We-Vibe also offers toys for Him, so if your partner is comfortable, check out their site to see how his toy can accompany yours! 

No D*ck? No problem! If any of these toys piqued your interest, I highly encourage you to click this link and make the investment in your orgasmic experience today! After all, orgasms are linked to a plethora of health benefits including assisting to help you sleep better, stress less, strengthen your immune system and achieve glowing skin. Who said No D*ck November had to be boring again?