The Next Generation of Women

One of the most underestimated groups of people on the planet. One of the strongest groups of people on the planet. One of the most successful groups of people on the planet. Women. 

Much of the history of the woman is concerned with servitude, submission, and fighting for equality within society. For centuries women were forced to be quiet and were a continuous afterthought in most instances. However, in recent years, women have decided that this cultural norm is no longer acceptable. With women contributing so many enhancements to society, breaking records, and making the world a better place it was time for a change.   

Women are no longer meant to stay home and tend to the kids. Mothers are teachers, doctors, and entrepreneurs while still keeping the family running. Growing up my mom often told stories of things she learned from her mom and I can remember as a young girl watching my mom work, take care of the family, and pass her lessons on to me.   

In each generation, the opportunities and platforms that women obtain continues to grow. Each open door allows the next woman to come through a little more easily and as time goes on the woman is no longer “out of place.” This is a cycle that must continue and be passed on for generations to come.   

Women inspire women. Growing up, the women are seen on tv, the women who help raise children, and the women in history books serve as an example of what life can be. That is why it is so important for young girls to see women in every facet and arena of life. The next generation of young people needs to see that any and everything is possible for women because it truly is. 

Our mothers are the blueprint, as we push boundaries and evolve, we are the execution, and the next generation is the future. The women of today have a responsibility to provide hope for tomorrow, one young woman at a time.