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Nail Polish Colors for Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.


You may not realize it, but nails are very important to your appearance. Upon meeting someone they may notice your nails and you don’t want to have messed up nails. Like lip colors, not all shades of nail polish work for every skin tone. Check out these suggestions of nail polish colors for darker skin tones.



Yellow truly compliments darker skin tones due to its bright and vibrant color. Yellow may not be your first option but it will look really cute on your nails! Check out here where you can find a bright yellow to add to your collection.


A nude in the cream or beige family is the way to go! Stay away from darker nudes such as chocolate browns as they can blend in with your skin tone. Essie has great nail polish, here is where you can find a cream nude from their collection.


If you love pink, try a bright color such as fuchsia. Use more of a bright neon pink rather than a baby pink, here is where you can find one that will look beautiful on your skin tone.

Dark Purple

Since we are in fall and winter is approaching it’s the perfect time for darker shades. Dark purples are great as they give that tiny hint of color. Lincoln Park After Dark by O.P.I is the perfect dark purple for fall.


If you love blue, try a cobalt blue for your nail polish. It’s a bright color without being too much. Check out where you can find the blue polish for you here.


Another great color to add to your collection is wine. It’s perfect for the fall and has a red tone to it as most reds look great with darker skin tones. Here is where you can find a wine colored nail polish.

And there you have it ladies! These colors will be very flattering and look great for brown girls. Remember to use a base and top coat to make those nails last!