Matthew Austin '18

Name: Matthew Austin

Major: Pharmacy

Classification: Sophomore

Hometown: Washington, DC

HC: What are your career goals?

MA: I want to be a navy pharmacist and eventually get into corporate pharmacy and then work my way up.

HC: What attracts you to a woman the most?

MA: Her personality. Looks can fade, but we have to have that connection that can last forever.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about Hampton Women?

MA: I love how Hampton women carry themselves. They carry themselves with prestige and class and that's what I look for in a woman.

HC: Who’s your favorite music artist?

MA: J. Cole, Drake and Jay-Z but I also like R&B and Soul music.

HC: What is the number one thing you want for Christmas?

MA: My tuition paid!

HC: What is something many people don’t know about you?

MA: I'm really down to earth when you get to know me, I'm a good friend and approachable.

HC: What is your favorite place to shop?

MA: I like shopping online on a lot of different sites like karmaloop. But I like H&M and Last Stop too.

HC: How would you describe your style?

MA: My style is a reflection of me. So I may either be in a suit or maybe DMV clothing.

HC: What is your biggest deal breaker in a relationship?

MA: Trust. If I can't trust someone than that's it.

HC: How do you get a girl’s attention?

MA: I have a very good sense of humor so I use my smile and charm. I use my "fanazz" and my own personal style to make them laugh and show them who I really am.