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Materialism Leads To An Unhealthy Relationship

Are you a materialistic person? Does gifts and money play a factor in whether or not you want to be with someone? Being materialistic means you are excessively concerned with material possessions or in other words money-oriented. In a relationship being a person who is more concerned with material things rather than being spiritually and intellectually attracted to someone can lead to an unhealthy relationship. A lot of women like to be with a person who can get them expensive gifts whenever they have a desire for them or surprise them with an expensive gift. Most people can’t afford to buy the expensive shoes or the designer bag, does that change how you feel about him? Does that make you reconsider whether or the relationship will work? Money shouldn’t be the main concern in a relationship, rather the effort to make you happy and the respect they have for you.

Be with a person who wakes up everyday to give you their all, who admires you and treats you like a queen. Understand the price of a gift doesn’t outweigh the thought of them trying to make you happy. Accept the fact that just because they can’t afford those expensive gifts right now doesn’t mean in the next couple years they won’t be able too. Find you someone you can grow with spiritually, mentally, and financially, because sooner or later those expensive gifts will just be a regular gift! When you truly love a person, money shouldn’t be the main focus. Grind together so you both can be financially comfortable, but appreciate the little things so they’ll effortlessly do bigger things for you. 

Studies have shown materialism is the quickest way to an unhealthy relationship. You will realize you can’t be with them because they can’t afford you, or they’ll realize they can’t be with you because you don’t appreciate the things they do for you. Most people won’t be with someone that’s hard to satisfy because you can’t buy love. Any gesture of kindness is a sign of love whether it cost $5 or $100. Sometimes people can deceive themselves of why they’re in a relationship so it’s important to take a step back and look at where your focus is. Anyone can buy you things, but not everyone can be committed to making you happy daily with no money involved, that’s real love! 

♡ Hey! I’m Jermany Mapp a first year Strategic Communications Major from South Carolina at Hampton University with a minor in Marketing! My plans are becoming a Sports Analyst for ESPN & a Public Speaker!
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