Masturbation: What You’ve Been Missing

Think back to 5th grade when you learned about menstrual cycles, the correct term for body parts, and barely could pronounce the word “masturbation”. You giggled at the words and diagrams on the screen and swore you would never touch yourself. Now, fast forward to college when you’re alone in your room, fresh out of the shower and observing your body. Wonder what you’ve been missing if you haven’t explored down under? Here’s three of those things:

It’s good for your health.

With the weight of classwork, finances, and adulting on your shoulders, things can get rough. Masturbate it out ladies! According to Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, who run the ASAPScience YouTube Channel, masturbation releases chemicals that reduce stress, reduce menstrual pain, and help one sleep more soundly. Less stress, painless periods, and a good night's’ sleep?! Sounds like a win win situation. Drinking water and minding your business aren’t the only things that keep your skin clear. Adopt a few more orgasms courtesy of yourself into your regime and see what happens.

It will enhance your sex life.

If you have experienced unsatisfactory sex, you may want to ask yourself do you know what excites you? True pleasure comes from yourself. By masturbating and figuring out exactly what it takes to make the hairs on your neck stand, you could potentially help direct someone when they are providing pleasure to you. You may discover that you prefer clitoral stimulation over actual penetration, or vice versa! Masturbation gets you better aquantainted with your body and understanding your triggers. Your sex life will definitely heat up once you understand what’s going on down there. However, if you still experience bad sex that leaves you waiting for an orgasm that you won’t be receiving from your partner, at least you can depend on yourself to get the job done.


Helps you fully embrace your body.

It’s a form of self-love. Masturbation is self-exploration. It allows you to venture to meadows and valleys you didn’t know existed.The first step is to relax so that you can feel comfortable in the environment. You can close your eyes and solely focus on yourself and achieving the pleasure that you deserve. Your body and anatomy is beautiful.Your vagina should not be foreign waters only explored by your partner. Test out vibrators or just use your fingers. Light your favorite candle or turn on the twinkle lights in your room. Think of things that turn you on and focus on those thoughts...your body will naturally tell you what to do next. Just go with the flow and follow the cues that will pulse through, don’t hold anything back!


Once you start, you will be 100% hooked and will wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner. Best wishes in all your masturbation endeavors. Go get yours girl!