Make Up Tips for the Summer

  The semester winding down in a few weeks only means one thing- summer is one season closer. The season we’ve all been waiting for longer days, bathing suits, vacations and all the good things that summer brings. Whether your summer will be spent at an internship, studying abroad, taking summer classes or just traveling and enjoying the break; there’s one thing us ladies don’t leave behind when we leave campus. And, that is our beauty products. Colder weather clothes may be stuffed up in storage or hidden in your apartment, but that makeup bag is sure to leave campus with you when the semester is over.

            Let’s be honest- with such scorching hot days in the summer, who really wants to have a full beat face every single day? No matter what primer you use or setting spray, no lady wants to be rushing to her internship in the midst of city streets and have to worry about reaching the destination with dripping makeup or feeling like you’ve just left a sauna.

            Does this mean be barefaced all summer? No! That’s very possible, but there are also some basic items to have and you’ll be just fine this summer.


1.    A Sun Protectant Foundation

Being on the beach under the hot sun usually wearing foundation isn’t even an option. But, for those summer barbeques when you want to add a little extra, foundation with SPF is the best option to ensure your beauty and your safety for your skin. Black Opal is my personal favorite foundation for all year round- glossiness of the skin during a long humid summer night has never been an issue with me. Check out the different shades here, and grab you the best foundation for the upcoming heated months.


2.    A Bold Color Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is so fall and winter! This summer step out of your comfort zone and try a bold color. Whether it’s a shimmery green or a basic white, the color on your eye will give your face a different type of pop and complement the season so much. However, remember if you’re going to a job or internship keep it professional and save the bold colors for your summer outings, unless you’re working in a work environment that is open to expressing personality through makeup and style. Sephora’s collection of waterproof eyeliner has amazing bold colors to help you make a statement this summer, check them out here.


3.    A Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is a timeless beauty product- fall, winter, spring, and summer all are a good time for elongated lashes. Why waterproof? Well, for one, you never know when you’ll be at the beach and decide to swim, for two, who wants to be hot and sweaty and start feeling mascara drip? No one! Eyelashes always add an added depth to a beat face. Too Faced’s, “Better Than Sex” mascara is my ultimate favorite summer mascara- it’s waterproof and it gives your lashes a false look while still looking authentic. Grab yours at Sephora before the semester ends.


4.    A Mineralize Finish

What’s summer beauty without a bronze finish? After a few weeks into summer and under the sun, tans will glow and give the skin a natural bronze. However, until then dabbing a mineralize finish on your face gives you an amazing summer glow that will have everyone remembering that gorgeous look! Here’s my favorite one from MAC.


5.    A bold/ colorful lip

For those like me, tinted lipgloss is life all year round- but, it’s something about a bold color lip in the summer that says something different. A shimmery lip, matte lip or even satin lips are great picks for summer beauty. NYX Cosmetics has fun colors from cotton candy pinks to bright purples. Not to mention, NYX has amazing prices for quality lip wear. They even have duo ombré sticks with full of bright colors. Find your favorite color to rock this summer here.


There you have it. Not too much and not too little, but the perfect items to make sure you have the perfect summer beauty look. The brands vary, but the quality is great and will be sure to have you looking good from your internship to your girls night at a rooftop party!