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Love on the Waterfront

Everyone pay attention because all the stories about finding your future husband or wife on the waterfront are true. For those who aren’t familiar, the legendary tale states that if you and your partner walk around the whole waterfront together that you will get married. Her Campus found someone who can vouch for it all. Meet Tia Barnes and her husband Danny who are proud Hampton Alum. They were apart of the class Genesis 1 and reside today in Chesapeake, Virginia.

We are going to take it back to 1984 when they first met. Danny said that he was walking by Dubois one day and saw a girl on desk. He was so starstruck when he walked into Dubois that he waked into a door. After that point Danny knew that he just had to pursue this Hampton woman. He saw her at multiple Ogden events. When Maya Angelou came to Hampton University, he was assigned to introduce her to the student body as a member of the Student Leadership Program. Tia said she recognized him on stage from running into the door and thought that he was kind of cute.

The first day was anything but ordinary. It wasn’t your typical restaurant, sit down movie type of date. They probably intended on getting there but instead they sat in Danny’s car and talked all night. After realizing they had been in the car so long they got out, walked the waterfront and talked some more. They couldn’t believe they were talking this long and had so much to say. It was getting late and they stopped over by mariners cove where they had their first kiss. After that- the relationship skyrocketed, they started dating and the rest was history.

 Tia and Danny got married shortly after Danny  graduated  in 1988 and had eight kids. Two of them graduated from Hampton where Mr. Barnes is actually computer science professor. David Barnes is currently a sophomore math major. I sat down with David to inquire about his love life only to find out that he has a Hampton woman of his own.  Her Campus won’t tell her name but it’s a classic Hampton love story and who knows, they could be the next Tia and Danny Barnes.

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