Losing Motivation in College

Midterms have passed, break is over but classes aren’t getting any easier and work keeps piling up. You’re sick of all-nighters, multiple page papers and teachers who don’t care about either, right? What is there to do when you simply want to throw in the towel because college isn’t what you expected?




Nothing good will come easy to you, remember that. First of all, why did you come to college? People don’t just come to college and spend tens of thousands of dollars (at minimum) because they have nothing better to do. Remember why you sent in those applications and wrote those letters, everything is for a reason and let your reasoning for stepping foot on campus continue to motivate you. Whether you want to be a positive influence for generations to come, or you wanted to obtain your degree in order to jumpstart your career, don’t give up on those things. Ultimately, you would be letting yourself down, especially if this was a dream of yours.

Additionally, if you’re stressed out and overwhelmed, don’t keep it in. There is always someone to talk to when you’re having a problem. If you can’t keep up with your work or aren’t doing well in a class, speak to the teacher. They’re supposed to be on campus to help you. Go to their office hours, let them know what’s going on and see what happens, a lot of teachers are very understanding as long as you keep the lines of communication open between the two of you. If you’re stressed out with school work in addition to other things, take advantage of the student counseling center on your campus. There are trained professionals ready to not only listen to you, but to help you as well. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to talk to a counselor. Mental health in college isn’t talked about, so it remains a taboo. Look at these statistics from bestcolleges.com:

  • 80% of students feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities in college

  • 40% of students do not seek help

  • 50% of students have been so anxious, that they struggled in school

If you, are someone you know are suffering from depression, anxiety or any other mental illness in college, seek help. College is a learning experience, but you shouldn’t have to suffer alone.

College is hard, we all know that, because we’re all going through it. Understand that if college was easy, then everyone would be here. It may seem like school is breaking you down right now, but it’s only building you up and preparing you for the real world that’s in front of you. I’m not saying it’ll get easier, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. Keep pushing, it’ll all be worth it when you have that degree with your name on it.