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Yup, it's that time of the year again, where the shots, that should be shot your way are nowhere in sight. Plus, the couples are preparing for what’s basically the most important day, in February, Valentine’s Day! However, your problem isn’t that you’re single because [you] are in a perfectly good relationship the problem is it’s a long-distance relationship. Don’t worry though because I am here to save your day of love from being a wasted day of disappointment. With these three simple, but thoughtful ideas dedicated to your special boo and that special day.

The first idea is a simple love letter or multiple love letters in a box. It may seem a bit boring, but trust, just the thought will get the point across that you care. I know that with it being 2018, you could easily Facetime or text your significant other, but where is the fun in that. With this idea, you could decorate the letters and box/envelopes with stickers and quotes that are near and dear to their heart.

Along with this being the cheapest idea, I guarantee you that when they see a handwritten letter it will warm their heart. Especially if you choose to do some “open when” letters, imagine their hearts when they feel lonely, but remember you wrote them a letter. A letter that said “open when you’re lonely,” and it’s a contains a note where you expressed how you will always be there for them.


The second idea is similar to the first, but better a CARE PACKAGE. Everyone loves a box of their favorite things and receiving one for Valentine’s Day, only makes this box of goodies more special. Make sure you get as creative as you can be with this, think of their favorite candies and snacks.

You can also even put apparel in there like a shirt from their favorite company. After they receive the care package you can discuss with them why you chose the items, and that is a perfect time to get extremely lovey-dovey.​


The third idea to me is by far the best and you both will definitely enjoy it, a movie date. I know you are probably thinking how could you possibly go on a movie date when you are in a long distance relationship, but trust it’s possible. For this date, you first select the time you are going to facetime, which movie you are going to watch, and your food/ snack options. It will be a perfect date because you have your favorite dish in front of you and a movie you both enjoy watching, while your boo is somewhat next to you.

I guarantee any of these three ideas will have your significant other head over heels for you. Now, get started with your planning because Valentine’s Day is very close! #hcxo

Raven Reaves-Jackson is currently a sophomore Journalism Major, Marketing Minor student at Hampton University. She is entertaining, thoughtful, adventuresome and has great aspirations of being an on-air talent. Raven enjoys reading and listening to podcasts on her downtime. In life, she aims to always have the best support for her family and peers. Raven believes that all good things take time and has big aspirations of starting her own non-profit organization in the future. 
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