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As we enter Womens history month, it is important to showcase all women in all various fields. Women are the epitome of strength and dedication. However, oftentimes women have to fight for their seat at the table or go unheard. In todays article, we will be spotlighting Deja Dodson, who is amplifying her voice to inspire and uplift women through content creation and her various endeavors. Deja Dodson is a graduating senior psychology major journalism minor from Prince George’s County Maryland. 

Dodson is a content creator, author, businesswoman, and overall girl’s girl. After getting a start in about seventh or eighth grade with get ready with me and storytimes; Deja Dodson created the platform ‘Deja D’ that took off as she utilized sharing her college experience and fashion sense to her advantage. “My main goal with my platform is to motivate and inspire young African American girls or people like me, you know, just like your average home girl.”

She has over 7000 Instagram followers, 33.6k Tik Tok followers, and 2.33k youtube subscribers. She utilizes her platform to “ build people’s confidence and —- being unapologetically a fly black girl.”  

Dodson has collaborated with many companies, but some of her most notable collaborations would be HomeGoods. Which was a great surprise whereas not many students were selected for this opportunity. She has also collaborated with brands such as Honeypot, Amazon, and Target, and is a campus ambassador for Samsung. However, her endeavors don’t stop there. This June will be the fourth year of ‘Deja Daily Dose’, the brand she curated which originally started as video entries every single day, however after undergoing many changes she came to the realization she wanted to do more than just showcase fashion, beauty, and vlogging. As she continues to write articles, Dodson wanted to get back to her aspirations of motivational speaking and took the leap of faith to start her podcast ‘Let Me Tell You Something’ where she shares “life lessons that I’m learning– and going through as a graduating senior, young black woman in America; just my life overall.” Dodson’s platform is so inspiring and motivates young women to pursue their dreams and practice self-love. Dodson realizes content creation is not the typical job and may run into other opinions but with her “dream big” attitude and confidence she is destined for greatness. 

Graduation is approaching, and we can not wait to see what Dodson has in store. We can look out for her in a big city like LA, New York, or Atlanta, possibly as a freelance content creator for her brand ‘Deja Daily Dose’. Whether she is a content creator full or part-time, expect her to continue to grow her brand and podcast ‘Let Me Tell You Something’. We can also look forward to more published books as she is looking to expand her book ‘Every Sparkle Needs Some Shine’, and produce a new color of her book ‘Deja Daily Dose: A book of motivational quotes’. 

Be sure to check out Deja Dodson on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms as well as her website: https://www.dejadailydose.com/ where you can find her books and podcast ‘Let Me Tell You Something’. 

Ahmere Harper

Hampton U '26

Ahmere Harper is a first-year Journalism major from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a lover of all things fashion and beauty. Her goal is to pursue a career in Fashion & Entertainment Journalism. Ahmere hopes to one day to work for a renowned magazine company and create her own media company.