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Journaling Changed My Life: Here’s Why

Journaling has grown to become a habit of mine that reminds me to find balance and prioritize the time to understand my thoughts and pour them all out on paper. Journaling allows a safe space to write within no boundaries or expectations, and that is truly the beauty of it. When life feels overwhelming or stressful, I think journaling provides one with that essential time to slow down and reflect on what it is that causes them feelings of anxiety. Whatever the reason you pick up a pen and write down your thoughts, it is always beneficial to allow yourself to authentically write down your thoughts. Here’s why I found peace within the pages of my journal, and furthermore how it changed my life.

Helps Me Prioritize Myself  and My Thoughts 

I found the practice of journaling most influential for myself in moments where I felt like I needed it the most. It’s so normal for people to feel lost in their thoughts and struggle when explaining them to others or even to themselves. Journaling helps me give those uncertain emotions meaning, and if not, it always provides me with a sense of relief after getting those thoughts onto paper. The more I began to prioritize journaling, the more it became a daily habit, and it felt natural. The practice of journaling allows you to prioritize your thoughts and mental health, and for that, I grew to love it. 

It Has No Boundaries
One thing about journaling is it has the ability to provide me with a sense of comfort because there is no right or wrong way to do it. The idea that journaling has no boundaries allows me to express any emotion or feeling when I write. This has allowed me to understand more parts of my authentic self, giving me an outlet to express everything about myself that I may not have known before. I went from simply journaling about my day, to writing about my love for music, or understanding how to be in tune with my higher self. The concept of journaling has led me into learning about so many different things in terms of self-care, simply because of the fact that journaling is a practice that is done whichever way you believe works best for you.

Allows Me To Find Balance

If journaling has done one thing for me, it has allowed me to find balance within myself and my daily life. It taught me that it is okay to step back and make time for yourself; in fact, it is healthy to do so. Journaling gives me the ability to define and understand what peace and joy mean to me. The more I include it into my daily routine, the more I began to find that balance I once lacked in my life. When I say “finding balance’ I really mean being able to take those moments to yourself to fully dwell and appreciate everything you are. It revealed so many qualities of myself I truly admire. I learned more about the empathy I am able to possess for others, and it taught me how observant I can be. I think it’s a wonderful thing that can provide relief to so many who feel as though they lack that sense of certainty in their life. 

Opened Me Up To Learning about Spirituality

Most importantly, I think journaling taught me all about the importance of myself and my peace. It opened me up to so many levels of spirituality and working on my inner self. I often use journaling to learn more about spirituality, through affirmations, or shadow work. For those who are unaware, shadow work is a type of journaling in which you allow yourself to freely express and write about all of the emotions you fear, or who you so often suppress. It’s those deep emotions that you don’t necessarily like about yourself. Through this practice, it teaches you to become aware of those emotions, feel them, and embrace them through acceptance. Furthermore, so much of my journey towards true self-love and acceptance was through journaling in a way that is so authentic and raw. 

I began to love the practice of learning more about myself and how to prioritize what brings me happiness and peace, and that is all thanks to the beauty of journaling. It provides you with a sense of comfort and release, all while allowing yourself to fully surrender to the boundless expectations that journaling holds. I encourage all of you to open yourselves up to the practice of journaling, even if you feel as though you have nothing to say, just write what you feel. Everyone can benefit from it in one way or another. <3

Zoe Rose

Hampton U '25

Hi everyone I am a first year Journalism major with an emphasis on English & Creative Writing from New Jersey. When I'm not writing I love listening to music, spending time with friends, and doing yoga <3
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