I've Got The Power

Three summers ago, the summer before my freshman year to be exact, I spent most of my summer attempting to mentally prepare myself for this big change. Within the second week of August, I would be attending a school that was eight hours away from home and had no familiar faces. Although I was pretty excited to be attending my dream school I could not seem to shake this one fear I had. My biggest fear going into college was not making any friends. Being the introverted person that I am, I knew the only way I was going to make friends was if people decided I looked interesting enough to talk to (bummer). All summer I voiced this fear to my family, my peers, literally anybody who brought up the subject of college had to hear about it.

The time for me to move in came and went and we were going on the second month of classes and to no one’s surprise, I HAD NOT MADE ANY FRIENDS!!

Not only had I not made any friends but there were instances where I thought to myself  “okay, okay, I feel like this could be a friend right here” and I would either never see them again or they acted like they had no idea who I was. Unfortunately, the remainder of my freshman year and my sophomore year, for the most part, followed this pattern.

With all of this alone time on my hands, I constantly thought about what I possibly could have been doing wrong. I could not quite understand why I was not making friends. I thought to myself  “girl, maybe you are a little too awkward and too quiet for people.” I realized this was a lie because I had a loving group of homies back home, so clearly, I was likable and fun to be around. I continued to try and be hopeful for friends, but I started to somewhat accept the fact that I just might not have any friends in college.

Not until the summer before my junior year did I realize why I just could not seem to make friends. I was sitting in my room reading “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero and she continued to emphasize the power our words have and how the universe only matches the energy we put out into the world. 


I spent the entire summer before college saying I would not make friends and the universe basically granted my wish. Of course, I was not really wishing I did not make friends, but I spoke about it so much to the point where I believed it. It sounds cliché to think your words have power, but I am here to tell you that they do. You literally set the tone of your life just with your words and what you believe. If you believe you will never get an A in Chemistry, then you will never get one! I am here to tell you that you have the power to manifest literally anything you desire. If you believe you are worthy of whatever you desire then it will come to you, both good and bad. Speak positivity over your life and I promise you everything will fall into place.