Is it Still Checks Over Stripes? Beyoncé and Adidas New Brand Deal

As of late, there has been a lot of buzz in the beyhive after a long period of tranquility. Our beloved Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has been making a multitude of boss moves, and this Adidas deal is big news and a major headliner. As we all should know, Bey released Ivy Park back in 2016 and has done very well. However, it seems as if the hype around Ivy Park has diminished. This is why she and Adidas are now working together to relaunch the activewear/athleisure brand. Similar to how other brands have collaborated with major figures in pop culture (Kanye and Adidas, Rihanna and Puma, Kendrick Lamar and Reebok, etc), Adidas is trying to keep up with urban culture. These days these “athletic” brands rely on the celebrities and fashion more than actual athletes.


According to Forbes, Adidas has reportedly been declining in sales, not due to their focus on fashion over sports, but due to poor marketing.. Beyonce has an amazing platform and is well known for her empowerment of women and black people. Many are familiar with Adidas’ partnership with Kanye West and his Yeezy line. Within the last year, Kanye has received lots of backlash based on his unpopular views. Is Adidas trying to reach back out to the audience they potentially lost? They may have taken note of Beyonce’s very loyal fanbase and decided to take action.


Honestly, this was a very smart move, Adidas. One can never go wrong with having Beyonce as a partner. She uses her platform for the ultimate good, from donating $7 billion to her hometown, Houston, Texas, to granting a number of minority students scholarships. Being able to partner with Beyonce is probably a dream of many in the marketing industry. Even though she is a major celebrity, she keeps her life private and stays out of the media in a negative light. She is an example of a very successful business woman and has been able to maintain her mainstream status without constantly being attached to negativity. But this seems to only be the beginning. Bey has more up her sleeve…