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Remember the day we all looked forward to at the end of October? Waiting for it to get dark enough to go door to door collecting as much candy as possible to show off to our classmates the next day at school. Or Picking out the perfect costume that no one else would think about. Halloween. That’s what it used to consist of. It used to consist of innocent little kids dressing up in costumes to rack up on candy.

Now, this holiday has turned into a day for college females to dress slutty with an excuse. It’s bad enough that females are out here dressing like hoes to begin with, but taking the innocence out of a holiday for your own person SLUT-genda is appalling. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that every girl wants to look like a Bad B**** and have all eyes on them, but we can do that in a more…. wholesome way. Like seriously ladies, some of you are dressed so provocatively-we can’t even tell what your costume is.

We as women dress certain ways and then get upset and defensive when we are objectified by males. If a male approaches us derogatorily, we feel the need to justify the way we dress and tell them that our choice of clothing doesn’t give them the right to treat us disrespectfully. How can you blame them though? Think about how you and your friends would talk about a woman if you saw her dressed that way. Don’t be that girl that everyone talks about because you don’t know the difference between Halloween costumes and lingerie. I guess once you think about it, Halloween is one of the few holidays that don’t involve family. There isn’t a family dinner, special church service, or anyone in authority to tell you something is inappropriate. Therefore, females have definitely been on the fence between great unique costumes and slutty, close to prostitute-like costumes. People give us an inch and we take a mile.

This Halloween let’s only take a foot. Let’s dress a little more conservatively. Let’s dress like Hampton Women and just because we are Hampton Women does not mean we can’t dress sexy, grab attention, and be respectable. This Halloween if you want to be a Nurse, go for a sexy nurse that doesn’t have her ass and breasts out. If you want to go for Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, go for it, just make sure your grass skirt is covering your goodies. Be mindful of the kids who still enjoy Halloween for the candy. Let’s give them a little bit of their innocence back (what little they have left) and stop Hall-HOE-WEEN.

I have the privilege to serve as Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus Hampton U Chapter a second year! I am a graduating Senior, Strategic Communications major, Marketing minor currently studying at the illustrious Hampton University. I am from Richmond, VA (shoutout to the 804!). In addition to classes, I run my own creative agency, Tiana Nichelle Marketing where I specialize in social media management, content creation, public relations, and branding. My love for the PR and Communications industry is the reason my ultimate goal is to become a celebrity publicist in the upcoming years! Her Campus Hampton U is an organization that is near and dear to me and I am so happy to be a leader of this ELITE chapter!
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