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ICE performs hysterectomies and sterilizations: The painful truth

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

The topic of the United States detention centers have been highly debated since their rapid expansion in recent years. Currently holding immigrants, particularly those of Hispanic and Latin origin, coming to the United States for the first time. ICE, Imgrigation and Customs Enforce, is under the United States department of Homeland Security. ICE’s primary mission focuses on legal and safe immigration enforcement, terrorism prevention, and combationg transnational criminal threats. The mass usage of detention centers has recently gained more national attention for the fact that ice allows hysterectomies and sterilizations of new immigrants in these detention centers.

Detention centers have failed at giving people in the center proper personal protective equipment such as face masks, and or gloves during the current Coronavirus pandemic. The chaos in the detention currently, goes against basic human rights. A nurse named Dawn Wooden is the whistleblower to these allegations, stating that women detained have told her they did not understand why they had a hysterectomy, and that she saw many women receive this surgery.  

The speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi,  has called for an investigation for the detention center. Yet, it begs the question…When will the abuse stop? The immigrants in the detention centers have to worry about their reproductive rights as well as their health due to the pandmanic. The situation in these detention centers are outrageous in terms of human civil rights. No woman should have her choice of reproductive rights taken away, just because she is in a detention center. Women since Roe V. Wade have a right to choose their reproductive health without the intrusion of the government. The detention centers in the United States are in violation of the constitution and should expedite the process of an interval investigation to what is happening in those detention centers, and end this systemic abuse. 

Christina Buie

Hampton U '22

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Christina Buie I am a graduating Senior Sociology major on the Pre-law track at Hampton University. I absolutely LOVE photography, especially nature pictures and candid polaroids.
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