I am Thankful for food!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I can already hear the chit-chat of my family coming from the dining room, the little footsteps of my cousins running around, and the aroma of food filling up the house. Although I am thankful for so much, it was hard for me to focus on one aspect of my life. So, I came up with the one thing I love the most about Thanksgiving… the food!


My family goes all out on the food. Almost every aunt cooks up their best meal. I’m literally in awe every year of how well put together everything is. You’d think their expecting a prize for the best dish! But, I’m not complaining because I know each dish at our table is made with love.


Some will say the Thanksgiving table wouldn’t be complete without the turkey, but I think otherwise. It is not Thanksgiving without baked macaroni and cheese. God bless the combination of cheeses, milk, eggs, and elbow noodles all baked to perfection. And we all know, everyone’s mac and cheese isn’t “good” mac and cheese. As far as I can remember, there are only two people that specialize in making the thanksgiving macaroni. They never disappoint!


My family are very untraditional with the food variety. The only meats we have to eat are the turkey and ham. However, the fish variety is crazy. I remember one year we had three different kinds of fish. We had basa, tilapia and salmon. Personally, I’m not much of a fish eater but I love shrimp. My mom usually makes some bomb grilled shrimp.


I can’t forget the desserts! We literally have a seperate table just for the desserts. From pies, cakes, cobblers!


My thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the amazing food provided by the people I care about the most, and for that I am thankful.