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The holiday season can really bring out the best of us and the people we love. Being a little bit more sentimental and tapping a little more into our love languages to express our shared love for one another. But there can always be times during this time of the year when things feel dull because of the same-same old traditions that you’ve been doing since you you were a kid. Although they are fun and that’s why you continue to do them, you may be getting old and wanting to mix it up a little bit. Have a different kind of fun that lets everyone experience something they have never experienced before. So for this upcoming season while you’re surrounded around the full Thanksgiving table, try out these suggestions to mix up those traditions and perhaps make some new traditions.


Although staying in the house sounds warm and cozy, sometimes the best thing can be mixing it with family outings to get the entire family involved and create new memories. Something to laugh about years later to look back on to remind yourself of the bonding that can always bring joy to the family. This can be from intimate moments like a dinner. Something that relieves the pressure of the family that is in charge of the cooking, and experience fine dining that the whole family can enjoy. Or even do something more interactive to do after the home-cooked meals. Something along the lines of an escape room or laser tag that all ages can enjoy that fuels that competition and teamwork. Something like an escape room is intimate and in a controlled environment that makes sure nothing gets out of hand while you and the family struggle over solving riddles. Something that you can look back on and laugh about for years to come. Who knows… maybe it can be a new tradition!

2. Cook-off(s): old school vs new school

Now I know that our older family members will disagree with these suggestions but you never know what the younger generation has to offer. Now I understand that in the black household there are some things that are off-limits like Mac & Cheese. But there’s no harm in trying something new and make in into a fun cooking competition that the whole family can get involved in. Setting it up so it’s Old School vs New School on some dishes that won’t cause too much harm if they aren’t up to the normal standards. Appointing your representative and bringing in two sets of dishes such as dressing/stuffing, mashed potatoes, or collard greens. A side dish that can add so much spice and dazzle to the plate. And maybe this can not only be a time of new experiences but sharing new recipes with one another to possibly change up things in your own cooking. Sharing the love over cooking is something that the family can share forever and pass down to the next generation.

3. Competition never hurt anybody

Now, this is something that my family has started to implement in our holiday traditions and something that we will never change. From playing Heads Up to Charades our family has indulged in friendly competition to make things more interesting after the feast. So no one is distracted by phones, computers, or the football game it is truly a time for laughs, love, and the most fun to have with one another. Splitting up the team in as many ways as you can: old school vs new school, girls vs boys, and whatever else your family can think of. It doesn’t matter! All that matters is the memories shared and the new games you can create to last a lifetime. The inside jokes for the next year are created in those moments is what makes this time so special. Knowing that nobody truly knows you as well as your family and nothing can break that bond.


During the holidays is also a time of gratitude. Remembering how blessed you are to be in the position that you are in because many people in our surrounding communities sadly do not have the same chance. Giving back to the community with your family is something that can be a family outing that all ages can participate. Donating old clothes, passing out turkey sandwiches to homeless people on the streets, or volunteering at a soup kitchen for the day. Little moments to support the community in any way you can big or small to show that there is much more to life than the superficial, materialistic things we take for granted. Sometimes all we can be blessed for is our good health, family, and a roof over our heads. And that is an idea that can be spread and celebrated amongst the rest of the family.

Nia Tate

Hampton U '23

Hi, girlies! My name is Nia Tate and I am a Graduating Senior Health Sciences Major and Sociology from Seattle, Washington. I aspire to work at a non-profit organization that works towards equity in the health care system. A lot of my hobbies include yoga/meditation, kickboxing, trips to the lake, and upcycling old clothes into creating something new. I also aspire to travel the world and experience all different types of cultures and fashion. Some of my dream destinations I hope to visit include Japan, Brazil, and Greece!