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How To Positively Stand-out In A Remote Classroom

Unlike an in-person class, students have to try harder in remote learning to stand-out to professors and let their personalities shine. It is no secret that professors lean toward more engaged learners. Although remote learning is a new adventure for both students and professors, using these tips will help you stand out among the crowd.

Ask/Answer questions: 

Lectures may not translate the same way from in-person classes to over the internet. Instead of enduring the 10 seconds of awkward silence after a professor asks if there are any questions, speak up! Chances are someone else is wondering about the same thing. To ensure that you understand the material, ask questions. If you’re comfortable with the material, ask for confirmation. Asking questions doesn’t have to be about class. A simple “How are you doing today?” or “How was your weekend?” may go a long way with professors. They are humans too! Answering questions in class is just as important as asking them. Usually, professors are lecturing to a computer screen for 50 to 90 minutes straight. When it comes time to participate, engage with meaningful conversation. Raise your virtual hand and allow yourself to give your own opinion about the topic. Participation shows the professor who is actively listening and wants to learn.

Go to Office Hours:

Professors admire initiative. Take the extra step and be proactive about your education. Check the course’s syllabus and talk to the professor to schedule an appointment.  Become more memorable by introducing yourself. Develop a connection with your professors. Office hours are a good time to ask professors about a grade you have received, homework help, or inquire about upcoming tests. Once you know the teacher’s expectations, you can go above and beyond the criteria. Some professors will provide you with extra resources or tips on how to pass the class. Take advantage of the opportunity! Be sure to thank the teacher for their extra help. 

Prepare for Class: 

Read the textbook, analyze notes, or watch a recap of the previous session to get an extra boost in class. This way your mind is ready to engage in class discussions and give feedback. Use the chatbox to communicate with fellow classmates. As you are preparing for class jot down questions that you may have for the instructor. Volunteer to present first. Show your confidence and be proud of the work you have accomplished. 

Turn on the Camera: 

One of the biggest differences between remote learning and on-campus learning is that professors can’t see their students. Often times this leaves the student being known as just a number. Combat this by turning on your camera. Let professors see a friendly face rather than a blank screen. Show that you are paying attention, taking notes, or reading the textbook. This way professors can put a face with the name. Be aware that if the camera is active your class may be able to see everything, including eating, distractions in the background, or the occasional eye roll.  If turning on your camera every day isn’t your style, insert a profile picture when logging into class.

Turn in assignments early: 

The first lesson that every college student should learn is to limit procrastination. It is easy to push back projects that aren’t due until the end of the month. However, many find themselves cramming to do a whole project/essay/post-test the night before the due date. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Limit the distractions around you. Take time to do a small chunk of homework each day. If projects are turned in earlier, professors may give you feedback and let you know what can be improved on. You may find yourself less stressed than your peers as the due date arrives.

Standing out during class leads you on the road to a 4.0 season! A strong relationship with professors can also lead to future letters of recommendation for scholarships, graduate school, or work. Don’t be afraid to stand out in the classroom, this is YOUR education!

Ryanne Howard

Hampton U '23

Ryanne Howard is a junior at Hampton University. She is a Strategic Communications major with a minor in Leadership Studies from Raleigh, North Carolina. At Hampton University she is a member of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute as well as the Student Recruitment Team. Ryanne aspires to be a Public Relations Manager for a major company in the golfing industry.
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