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How to Maintain Friendships via FaceTime

Since the pandemic started, many of us have been split from some of our best friends, roommates, or classmates. It can be hard trying to keep up social interaction with regulations and guidelines now in place to aid COVID-19 spread. But don’t be discouraged, your friendships don’t have to fade.  

Here are some steps to help stay close to your friends and maintain relationships with them despite the distance:

Don't call excessively - spread it out! 

I know when that you miss your friends, you may feel the need to call or text them everyday… maybe even multiple times a day. While it feels good to stay connected to them, sometimes it can make the conversations repetitive. If you space out the times you talk to them, it will give you more to talk about.

Watch movies or TV shows together. 

Though you and your friend(s) aren’t together physically, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do all the things you used to do like watching your favorite movies or show together. Using Facetime, you can position the camera in front of your TV or laptop while the show plays, set up Google extension, or use Netflix Party. This way you can still hear your best friend’s insane laugh at all the funny moments in your favorite show.

Avoid repetitive conversations.

More than likely, you know basic facts about your friend such as what foods they like or dislike. Try thinking of topics that you don’t normally talk about to spice up the conversation. You can talk about thought provoking posts on Twitter, new music, or even politics. Don’t limit yourself to what you’re comfortable or used to talking about. You never know where the conversation may take you.

Try implementing these steps with your friends next time you decide to Facetime them. Not only will this help you remain close during the remaining duration of the pandemic, but it will also help you improve your communication skills. Hopefully, this doesn’t make you miss them too much!

Sherdell Baker

Hampton U '23

Sherdell Baker is a junior journalism major from the Midwest. Along with her being a writer for her chapter, she also writes for her own lifestyle & advice blog and other online platforms. Sherdell works to one day be the Editor-in-Chief of a major magazine publication or create her own magazine company and continue to share important stories after she graduates from Hampton University.
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