How to Effectively De-Stress During the School Year

You’ve probably heard about about the importance of mental health. But neglecting to take care of your mental stability and keeping your mindset in check affects your productivity more than you might realize. Underlying stressors such as extracurriculars or people in our lives can affect how productive we are in our everyday lives. Whether its building your brand or staying on top of grades, making time for yourself is ESSENTIAL. I know it may seem like everything going on around you is more important, but when you make yourself a priority, everything else will fall into its place naturally. Sometimes it is necessary for you to step away for a certain amount of time to come back better. After a little hiatus, you will be able to give the project, essay, or assignment more effort. Some people do work better under pressure, but when you work with a clean slate and fresh mindset you’ll be able to brainstorm better and use effective judgement when making decisions. 


While taking this time for yourself, you’ll want to stop and ask yourself these questions:


What is causing me stress?

Why is this causing me stress?

What can I do to destress?


Once answered, implement some time management tips such as using a planner and prioritizing your tasks from most to least important. Adjusting your weekly routine in this way will help you map out specific time for yourself. Listening to relaxing music or drinking tea while you’re completing tasks are little things that can help put you in a more positive mood and thus, increase your productivity. 


Many times when we are stressed or something is bothering us, it is something out of our control. If this sounds familiar to you, be mindful that patience is the key to success. While you’re waiting on one specific thing, you can be multitasking to prevent your work from piling up. You always want to be on top of things, but you also want to look out for yourself. Also, remember that when you’re not right, neither is your work. You want to be able to be the best version of yourself in anything you do. Putting your best foot forward both mentally and physically is the best way to do so!