Hoco Pregame Playlist

Homecoming season! Is that you playa? Comin’ over the himalayas??

As homecoming season quickly approaches, these songs will set the tone for the turn up:


No Bystanders- Travis Scott

It’s homecoming season and nobody should be standing around. When you come to the party, you should be ready to turn up with your friends like it’s never gonna end! 

Bop- DaBaby  

Y’all are DEFINITELY going to need some shit with some bop in it to get you ready for DABABY concert on Thursday night. 

Surf- Young Thug ft. Gunna 

This song is a turnt reminder to ride your own wave and not drown in anybody else’s this homecoming!

Poke It Out- Playboi Carti ft. Nicki Minaj 

The anthem. A song for you to dance with your friends at the party to, channeling your inner Barbie. Plus it will build hope for another Carti drop just in time for homecoming.

Goin Up- Young Thug ft. Lil Keed 

Should be the mood for the whole week. You and your friends should be ‘goin up’ and getting lit all weekend, especially since you just passed those midterms (fingers crossed).

N****s- Kamaiyah

Just a quick reminder to all your legs that may be coming back to stay on their toes. You’ve got options and they never fail to show up! Remember, one horse doesn’t stop the show. 

Welcome to the Party- Pop Smoke

“Baby, welcome to the party!” AKA the permanent mood at every function this homecoming. 

Before I Let Go- Beyonce 

Nobody’s saying that the original is out of style but…. This homecoming season we’re gonna let Queen B set the tone with her remix of a classic. Also, something to dance with your favorite alumni to.

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Happy listening!