H&M: Hampton Style

If you don’t know Hanna and Martha you should want to. These two sophomores are some of the sweetest girls and are taking every opportunity to thrive at Hampton. Hanna is a sophomore Biology major from Silver Spring, Maryland and Martha is an International Studies major from Colorado. Hanna is one of the newest members of the Gamma Theta chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and Martha is one of the newest members of the Gamma Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, both of them being initiated in the Spring of 2016. They came to Hampton as freshmen in the fall of 2014. Ever since the pair met and found out how much they have in common, they have been the best of friends ever since. I am fortunate enough to know these two and have been so lucky to watch them grow and call them my littles. I sat down with the ‘H&M’ duo to gain some insight on their Hampton experiences!

HC: How did you guys meet?

H&M: We met in the cafe off chance! Tomas was my (Martha) big from NSO week and he briefly told me about his cousin Hanna but he never introduced us. She was sitting with some of my friends and she asked me if I was Ethiopian and we went crazy! We basically bonded off being Ethiopian.

HC: How did you both first know that you’d be close friends?

H&M: We knew we would be best friends when we both decided to go to the season premier of Scandal and we both showed up 30 minutes late.

HC: How would you describe your Hampton experience so far?

H&M: Our Hampton experience has been a roller coaster! We have literally done it all together! We are each other’s counselors, mom and boyfriend all in one. We have experienced everything together and still remain the same people we were when we first got here. From traveling, to joining SLP, SGA, and now crossing together.

HC: How would you describe your styles?

H: I am very boho. I love neo-soul and eccentric stuff. I like to chill though. Sweatpants are everything, I rather wear where pants than a skirt. Martha likes showing skin and vibrant colors.

M: I'm very laid back and free spirited, I like vibrant colors and summer dresses, loose jeans and that really speaks to my personality I'm really open and friendly. I have a very wild spirit I love adventures and meeting new people. Hanna is more conservative; she LOVES black and appropriate length skirts.

HC: What would be one word to describe each other?

H: Martha is cultivating

M: Hanna is refined