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High School Day!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Friday, April 5th marked Hampton’s Annual High School Day hosted by the Student Recruitment Team (SRT)! High School Day is a massive event where Hampton invites all admitted students to a day of tours, activities, and fun! This year we welcomed Ogre Phi Ogre 16 to their new Home by the Sea. 

SRT kicked off the High School Day activities in Convocation with an opening ceremony that include music, a video of Hamptonians and Faculty dancing around campus to Pharrell’s “Happy”. Following that SRT did some chants and then broke up future students into tour groups to give them a look at the campus. Following tours, future students were able to explore buildings that hosted their majors and check out the food and apparel vendors. 

There was a Sound Stage that had current Hamptonians performing original music and dance routines that parents and students could enjoy. All High School Day actitivies ended around 5pm. Overall Hamtonians were happy to see the future Hamptonians explore campus. We are very excited for Ogre Phi Ogre 16 to comeback in the fall to help bring in the Year of the Ogre here at Hampton.