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Here We Go Another Galentines Day

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Here we go again another Galentine’s Day, a day that I might just sleep through. A day that I only want to be celebrated when I am in a relationship. A day that I honestly know about happening but don’t actually care about. A holiday that I actually changed the name of an actual holiday. Do you understand how bad of a holiday you have to be to make people rename you? 

Another year with the girls and honestly I feel like it is becoming a bit repetitive. This is going on to be my third year with a Galentine’s date and it was a cute, super independent woman kind of thing in the beginning. However, I am scared that I might be getting used to this kind of thing. 

Before I start I should explain my definition of what exactly a Galentine is. Galentine’s Day is a day when a group of single girls get together, play dress up, and get cute for a date that they truly wish someone else took them on but are too feminist to actually admit or say.

Yes! That did come off a bit shady to the Galentine’s Gals. However, I to have had a membership to the Galentine’s Day club. I must accept the shade in my definition but it is true. Yes, the self-love and empowering ‘don’t need a man,’ movement is fantastic however the truth is 99.9% of us truly want a Valentine. 

The other .01% is still in the beginning phases of the Galentine movement. Trust, when I was fresh out of a breakup Galentine’s Day was a day I looked forward to. I mean, I personally was excited to flaunt my glow-up post-breakup and how I spoil myself. However, three years after the breakup turns Galentine’s Day from liberating to lonely.

Now, before anyone tries to tell me I am young and do not have to rush anything, I think the main problem I have with the constant Galentine’s Dates is the anxiety that this is going to be my life. I have a fear that the ideology of Galentine will lower my desire for a romantic relationship. 

Yet here we are, ready to embark on yet another Galentine’s Day, another day reminding me that I am single, another day reminding me that I’m missing the relationship aspect of my life. Another Galentine’s Day scares me because I don’t want to be the girl that is expected to be single every Valentine’s Day.

 I don’t want to be the girl that does not get to have the fairytale ending. We all have that aunt with no kids or maybe some kids but no man that actually wants her and I personally do not want that to be me. I actually want to be the Grandma and Grandpa that have been married for years and every absolutely adores/envy their love.

No matter if I’m in a romantic relationship or not, I will be celebrating and loving on myself. I just hope that this will not be my February 14th tradition. But, as for now, I have to pick out my outfit for yet another round of Galentine’s Day.

Deja Dodson

Hampton U '23

Member of Her Campus Hampton U Chapter. I am a freshman Psychology major currently studying at the illustrious Hampton University. Subscribe to my youtube channel: Deja D, and check out my personal self love and motivational blog on Instagram: @Dejadailydose.
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