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Here’s To Fall: The Perfect Season to Fall In-Love With Yourself


With every season, comes drama, new friendships, new lovers and more assignments piling up. The fall is known for high fashion and activities that lead to a different type of happiness, a bubble in your stomach kind of happiness. Fall is also known as the season of love because of the temperature drop and people to venturing outside.

Finding your passion and what you love to do always helps channel your inner spirit. Fall is the equivalent to new beginnings. Ahead lies a new semester to turn those grades around and sign up for a new class that interests you; or if you’re not in school, now is the time to take up a new hobby that maybe you couldn’t have done during the summer. A cooking class or maybe even an art class to express how you’ve been feeling lately are good hobbies to explore during this time. The weather is also tempting and irresistible. It’s the perfect weather to take a stroll and get lost in your thoughts or read a book. It’s perfect to think about what you possibly want to achieve before the new year is over and how great is is that you are on the verge of discovering yourself in a deeper sense.

Fall is also the perfect time to travel. Solo-trips are known for helping you find yourself. Travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Wherever you go, everything you experience is unique to you and always take that into consideration. While traveling, your playlist can also help a lot when it comes to this new adventure of finding yourself. Having songs that mean something to you and relate to you in more ways than one can give you a clear visual of what you want to do and who you want to be. Music is the art of story-telling and finding those few songs that can help tell your story is beautiful.

This time of the year is also the year of love and support from the people around you. Holidays like Thanksgiving where all your family come around to relish in the feelings of love and happiness gives off the heart warming emotions. Knowing there are people around you that love and support you gives you the confidence to do what you please. And to top it all off, fall gives you the TIME that you may have missed during the summer to plan and then finally DO what you’ve been wanting to do all along.


Willow Jones

Hampton U '21

Willow is a Criminal Justice major from Harlem, New York. Willow has hopes of becoming a criminal defense attorney. In her spare time, she loves writing and hopes to merge law and writing together in the future.
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