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Healthy Junk Food Alternatives

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Pizza Tacos


Do you love pigging out on pizza, but you’re watching your figure? This healthy alternative allows you to indulge without the calories. These low fat pizza tacos are a perfect combination of pizza, quesadillas, and mozzarella sticks. Still with the added veggies and whole grain tortilla, it’s a nice way to enjoy your favorite food without the extra pounds.


Small whole grain tortillas




Low fat shredded mozzarella

Marinara sauce

Extra virgin olive oil

1)     Sauté spinach, mushrooms, and diced tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil in a small pan.

2)     In a separate pan heat up olive oil. Then place a tortilla in the center. Wait for it to bubble and then flip it over.

3)     Place the low fat shredded mozzarella in the center of the tortilla. Then add in the sautéed veggies.

4)     Use your spatula to fold over the tortilla into the shape of a taco.

5)     Make as many of these as you desire and then serve with a side of marinara sauce.


Shrimp Pasta with Zucchini Noodles


Most carb lovers have a soft spot for pasta. Now you can chow down on shrimp scampi and know that you’re still eating healthily. Surprisingly zucchini and other vegetables are a great substitute for noodles. This recipe also easily be modified as a vegetarian meal without the shrimp. Using certain types of margarine and creating your own basil pesto sauce can transform this into a vegan meal. The possibilities are endless.



Red pepper



Frozen shrimp



Extra virgin olive oil


Alfredo sauce or basil pesto sauce

Other things you’ll need:

Potato peeler or a spiralizer

1)     Thaw out your frozen shrimp. After sprinkling them with garlic and pepper, sauté them until they turn pink.

2)     Run the zucchini in a spiralizer to get them into the shape of pasta. If you don’t have a spiralizer, use a potato peeler to create the noodles.

3)     Chop up the red pepper, onion, and mushrooms. Then throw them in a pan with olive oil, margarine, and the zucchini pieces that were chopped up earlier.

4)     Add garlic and pepper. Then sauté everything in the pan until the noodles become limp.

5)     Throw in alfredo sauce or basil pesto sauce if you want a healthier option. Top with the shrimp and enjoy your meal.

Pineapple Pops


Here’s a guilt free dessert that’s easy to make even in your dorm.  These pineapple pops are cute and portable. They’re a perfect on the go snack, and are so delicious. Plus who doesn’t love chocolate?



Pineapple cut into wedges

Dark chocolate chips

Sprinkles, Coconut flakes, and/or chopped walnuts

Other things you’ll need:

Wooden skewers

Wax paper

A tray

1)     Melt the dark chocolate chips in a microwavable bowl. Stir and reheat until the chocolate becomes a smooth consistency.

2)     Place the wooden skewers into each of the pineapple wedges.

3)     Coat the pineapple evenly in the dark chocolate. Then place on a tray covered in wax paper.

4)     Scatter the rainbow sprinkles on top of the chocolate. Another healthier option is to cover these in coconut flakes or chopped walnuts

5)     Leave in them in the fridge overnight. Then the next morning enjoy your sweet treat. 

Lauren Hendricks is a Junior, Journalism major at Hampton University. When she's not busy studying, serving as a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Hampton U or staying involved on Hampton's campus, she can be found at a local Starbucks, mall or on her yoga mat. Lauren is enthusiastic about community service and telling stories. Check here for blog posts and updates.