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Is He Really Into You? Seven Signs You Might Have a Keeper

It has to be one of the worst creations of our generation: the talking stage. Often referred to as the gray area of dating, during the “talking” stage girls rarely know where things stand. Here is your cheat sheet! Seven for sure signs that will help you determine: Is He Really Into You?


1. Has He Taken You Out On A Date?

Okay so what if we all are broke college students? Cheap dates and free dates count too! If he is really into you he will feel the need to take you out somewhere, or do something special for just the two of you.

2. Do You Both Have Equal Availability?

Have you ever heard your friends tell you, “You don’t want to seem too available?” You don’t want to constantly make time,  and sacrifice things on your schedule to be available to someone who won’t do the same for you. If you make time for him every time he calls or wants to hang out, but when you call he’s busy or not in the mood… he may not be that into you.

3. Does He Give You Prime Time?

Does he give you time or quality time? It’s easy to make time for someone after midnight on a Wednesday, but what about Mondays during lunch or a Saturday afternoon? Even if both of your schedules are jam packed REMEMBER: people make time for what they want. If he is really into you he will fit you into his schedule!

4. Social Media?

Some people may find this debatable, but know it is NOT. At the end of the day social media is not a game. It is a virtual representation of yourself on display for the entire world to see. More importantly, social media is where most love connections take place for our generation. If a majority of his tweets are questionable (Ex. “I wish I had someone to talk to.”) and he’s currently texting you … he may not be that into you. If he is constantly flirting with other girls on your social media timeline… he may not be that into you. Don’t look to his social media for answers too early into the “talking” stage, but if you are looking to pursue a relationship with this guy check out his social media.

5. Words?

Sometimes if a guy is into you he will simply tell you. Some guys will flat out tell you how they feel, or where they see things going. Even if he doesn’t lay it all out on the table, most guys will drop hints to let you know where the both of you stand. If a guy often speaks of a future with you, he could really be into you.

6. Does He Show Interest In You On The Regular?

A guy that is really into you will be interested in YOU! He’ll ask you questions like: “How’d you do on that Economics test you were studying for?” or “Did you eat today?” Most importantly, when you talk about yourself he should be engaged in the conversation.

7. Actions?

The most transparent sign of them all: ACTIONS! If a guy is really into you he will show it. Does he speak to you in public, or does he act super-friendly with other girls in public. When you tell him something that makes you upset, does he make corrections or does he continue to do the same old thing? He can lie to you with his words, but never with his actions.


Above all a woman’s intuition is never wrong. You can feel when someone is or isn’t right for you. I mean if he was really into you would you still be looking for signs after reading this article…


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