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On Wednesday, October 30 our very own Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications partnered with the Virginia Air and Space Center to present a free advanced screening of Harriet. When first discovering that there was a new movie that was going to be released about Harriet Tubman, I wasn’t necessarily upset or happy about it. However, I did see comments via social media about how we do not need another “slave movie.” Comments also mentioned how hollywood tries to profit from our history and our struggle. Although I could see these points, I still did not agree. I think these movies are very educational especially for the African American community because we are barely taught about where we come from anyway.


    Throughout the entirety of the movie, I was on the edge of my seat anxious for what was going to happen in the next scene. Although I knew the end result of Harriet Tubman’s life, I was still fearful of what was going to happen next. In my opinion, the film did a great job of getting the audience emotionally attached and depicting a realistic view of the time period. Other aspects of the movie such as the acting and music also contributed toward the enjoyment of the film. I can honestly say I learned a plethora of new things about Harriet Tubman that I was never taught in grade school. Because so much of our history is unknown to us, I hope that movies like this continue to be made to educate the African-American community.


    Overall this movie made me feel empowered and proud to be an African American woman. It made me determined to reach my wildest dreams and aspirations. Knowing that these are the types of people I come from is an incredible feeling. Younger generations of African American girls and boys also benefit greatly from these types of movies. Not only are they being taught their history and the types of people they come from, but they serve as examples as to what they can be and what they can achieve. Now that the movie is out in theatres, I encourage everyone to go see it. Harriet Tubman was one of the most notable names in black history and, in my opinion, knowing her story is essential as a part of the African American experience.


Kiara Davis

Hampton U '21

Hello! My name is Kiara Davis, I am a junior strategic communications (PR) major, marketing minor from the land of 10,000 lakes, Saint Paul, Minnesota. I really love writing and have since I was young. I also really enjoy the performing arts which include dancing, singing, and musical theatre. Ever since I was young I have been apart of dance and musical programs. As for my goals in life, I would like to see myself working for an advertising agency, and eventually achieving my biggest career goal of becoming a business owner. My passion includes contributing to the change of the stereotypical view of African-American women in society. Black women are amazing in every aspect and I would like to help the entire world recognize that.
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