Hampton Man Crush: Wayman

I know we have been giving our readers a lot of freshman to take a look at but honestly they have the clout. They’re becoming some of the hottest on Hampton U’s campus so Her Campus is going to continue to showcase each and everyone that we snag for an interview!


Next up we have Wayman Griffith from PG County Maryland. He is a five-year MBA, who plans to join the Gentelligence mentoring campus on campus. He isn’t involved in many programs and organizations on campus but he plans on making leaving his mark very soon.


Her Campus: What is your biggest pet peeve about Hampton women?


Man Crush: My biggest pet peeve would have to be girls that clearly are staring at you but don’t say anything It’s like I clearly see you looking (laughs)


Her Campus: What's your biggest pet peeve about Hampton women and how are they different from back home?


Man Crush: The pros would have to be that they all are very capable of holding you down. The cons are that everybody knows everybody so its just like situations arise when there shouldn’t even be any situations. Back home girls I have more connections with because I’ve grown up with them.


Her Campus: What’s your current relationship status?


Man Crush: I’m a single man.


Her Campus: Is marriage your ultimate goal?


Man Crush: yes, completely because I want to raise a good family and teach my kids.


Her Campus: When is it time to make a girl your girlfriend?" 


Man Crush: When you can honestly be comfortable with her whenever and you are willing to be seen together in public


Her Campus: Was the first time you had sex awkward or picture perfect?”


Man Crush: Actually it was kind of perfect, it was a girl that I had been talking to for a while and was really cool


Her Campus: how do you feel about Donald trump sexualizing women and making abortions illegal?

Man Crush: I don’t think its right a woman’s organs are apart of her body so I don’t think its right that he is able to take their rights away.


Her Campus: How do you feel about a female who approaches you first?


Man Crush: A female who approaches me first just shows that she not scared and awkward. I need someone who is fun not weird and quiet.


Her Campus: What's your reaction to the slander of Black women on your TL?


Man Crush: My opinion is that all black women so I don’t really much attention to the slander.


Her Campus: Do you have a type?


Man Crush: I don’t really have a type; what ever I like the most in a person has could be what I’m attracted to.


Her Campus: When do you introduce the female that you’re introducing to your family?


Man Crush: I would introduce her to my family after she introduces me to her family first. That’s just when I’ll know that it’s real, we have to be seriously dating though.


Her Campus: A cups or D cups?


Man Crush: D… (Smile)


Her Campus: How soon would you claim her on social media?


Man Crush: I think that comes into play once she becomes my girl. My main focus isn’t to post her on Instagram.