Hampton Man Crush: Victor Sellars

Next up for the Hampton Man Crush is Victor Sellars is a senior Psychology major from Greensboro,  North Carolina. We know all the lovely women of Hampton University love a southern man so make sure you read his interview below to find out more information about Vic! He is currently Mr. Psychology and some of his duties are setting up different community service events for Psychology Club and scheduling different meeting times and events. He plans to become an adolescent psychologist for troubled  youth. His long term goal is to become a clinical psychologist so that he can provide his patients with medications.

Her Campus: would you rather be invisible or have x-ray vision?

Man Crush: I’d rather be invisible because I would be able to see and hear anything whenever I wanted to.

Her Campus: Which is better to listen to your heart or your brain?

Man Crush: I’d rather listen to my brain, because you can analyze things and be able to critique accordingly

Her Campus: What are your three weaknesses?

Man Crush: I would have to say denial, math, and time management. I could use some work on all three areas.

Her Campus: Who do you think should make the first move males or females?

Man Crush: Definitely the male because he’s dominant and basically he set the mood for the relationship.

Her Campus: What would you do if a random girl came up to you and decided to to tell you how attractive you are to her?

Man Crush: First, I would acknowledge her, give her a compliment back then of course I would say thank you.

Her Campus: Do you find tattoos on a woman sexy?

Man Crush: It depends on the type of tattoos and where they are on her body, if she has a sleeve with skulls that's not my speed but, if she has a nice ear tattoos or something on her stomach that works too.

Her Campus: Is breaking up really hard to do and why?

Man Crush: Yes, only because I enjoy having a significant other and being in a relationship.

Her Campus: What's your relationship status and are you ready to change it if you are single?

Man Crush: I am single, and it depends on the female and the time/

Her Campus: Are you a romantic?

Man Crush: Yes, only because I saw how my grandfather treated my grandmother and how my father treats my mother. I saw them treat women with respect and dignity so of course I picked up on that as well. I'm a compassionate person so it speaks for itself

Her Campus: Do you believe in once you're a cheater always a cheater?

Man Crush: I mean everyone can change for the best or better but, yes I believe one a cheater always a cheater.

Her Campus:  How do you get a girl to know that you're interested in her?

Man Crush: I'm really not a shy guy so if i like her basically, I just approach her. Or if i know a mutual friend i'll tell the friend to put in a slight word so by the time i see her i have no other choice but to say something

Her Campus: What’s the longest relationship you’ve been in?

Man Crush: About a year and some months

Her Campus: do you have a type?

Man Crush: I'm just really big on the natural thing, i don’t mind weave and makeup but just not all the time just be yourself you know.

Her Campus: would you consider yourself a heartbreaker or the one who gets heartbroken

Man Crush: I would say i'm the heartbreaker only because i'm not up for a lot of the BS. if i see a lot of miscommunication or untrustworthy characteristics i will just cut it off.