Hampton Man Crush: Forrest Staton

Forrest Staton Jr. is a junior business management major from PG County, Maryland. Forrest hasn’t had too much attention on campus and that’s because he was originally a Morehouse man. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t trying to make himself known on the campus of HU. On top of that he looks pretty good in a suit and tie.


He actually has started his own organization on campus called GENTELLIGENCE. It is a mentoring program that was produced through experiences of what it’s like being a male in today’s society. The mission is to empower and develop young men into professional leaders in diverse communities by fostering strong trusting relationships as well as providing life skills and mentorship. The initial phase of Gentelligence is to teach young men how to tie a necktie. This is because Neckties have been a historical trend that pulls the entire look together. T.I.E.S was created to represent Talented, Intelligent, Excellence, and Standard.

HC: Grey sweat pants or jeans?

HMC: I would go with the sweat pants honestly, sweatpants and Crocs is what I wear on a daily. They’re essential.

HC: A cups or D cups?

HMC: I really don’t have a preference honestly, I’d rather the curves more than her boobs. I’m not really a boob guy.

HC: What do you really want to do after a date?

HMC: It depends on the girl I’m not going to lie, if its going bad I’ll say, “Alright have a good night.” And that will be that (laughs).

HC: How do you feel about PDA?

HMC: I’m not against it. I just feel like it’s certain levels you know. Giving a girl a kiss on campus shouldn’t be a problem, but I mean sometimes it can be forced and that’s too much. I feel like we don’t need to be holding hands from the student center all the way to the harbors.

HC: How soon will you claim her on social media?

HMC: I’m not even a big social media user; I don’t feel like I need to post a girl on social media. Posting her is just a like to me.

HC: What makes a girl wifey material or just a jawn or a shorty?

HMC: I feel like it’s going to be a lot of good girls out here who could be considered wifey material but at the same time it doesn’t mean that me or the guy you’re talking to wants to wife you. Knowing that you are wifey material separates doing a female dirty. It depends on how the female carries herself, if you carry yourself like a “jawn” or a “shorty” that’s how a man is going to treat you. As a guy you could just tell off rip who is wifey material

HC: Can a girl and a guy just be friends?

HMC: Definitely, you can be attracted to someone’s personality. It’s not always a sexual thing when you come into contact with the opposite sex.

HC: Would you cuff someone that your friend has messed with?

HMC: me personally I wouldn’t, that’s a respect thing. I would never cross that boundary if that’s my mans.

HC: Does sex on the first date mean that she’s not wifey material

HMC: Just because she gives up the cookie on the first night doesn’t mean she’s not wifey material.

HC: Why do guys disappear or ghost instead of talking to a girl when they aren’t interested any more

HMC: I’ve been a victim of that or just slowly started to just stop texting a female, sometimes I have a hard time expressing myself and sometimes as a man we rather just distance ourselves. Sometimes it’s like the only way for use to deal with a situation.

HC: What are your thoughts on guys who text girls heavy but when he sees the girl in person he has nothing to say?

HMC: Honestly, I’d rather communicate face to face. If you’re selling false hopes and dreams then it looks bad on the man’s part. I think it’s disrespectful.

HC: Biggest turn on/ turn off?

HMC: Just seeing a female who can carry herself, being able to demand her presence without saying anything. If you have bad breath and your teeth are messed up I’m not a fan, it’s not attractive.

HC: What are your thoughts on butt injections, weave, and makeup

HMC: I don’t mind it cause I know someone want to protect their hair or just don’t want to deal with it but I do need to know that my girl has hair underneath. I’m not into the injections I prefer it to be natural or just to love what ever she has.

HC: Who helps you out with relationship advice?

HMC: My mans Nyle

HC: What are your thoughts on virgins?

HMC: I wouldn’t date a virgin right now but I have a lot of respect for virgins because they have something that a lot of women don’t have. I feel like you should continue to keep that you know, I’d rather her keep that and we just are friends.

HC: What makes a girl dateable?

HMC: I feel like really what she has to offer you know it’s 50/50 but you both need to be able to offer something. She just needs to

HC: How do you feel after you get a haircut?

HMC: I feel like a million bucks after only paying $20 (laughs)