Hampton Man Crush: Doug Gardner

George Douglas Gardner is a junior journalism major from Montgomery County, Maryland. When you see him on campus he may look very stern or unapproachable but he’s actually the opposite. He is a big goof ball but when people talk to him they usually expect otherwise. Doug is one of the most respectful men on campus and also serves his school and community.

On campus he’s heavily involved with WHOV where he is a radio engineer. He produces talks shows, newscasts, and basically anything that needs to be broadcasted on the radio.


HC: Grey sweat pants or jeans?

HMC: I wear sweatpants all day every day that my life, Adidas sweat pants that’s my life.


HC: A cups or D cups?

HMC: It’s all the same, I love the itty-bitty titty committee D’s are cool too.

HC: What do you really want to do after a date?

HMC: I just want to literally sit down and watch Netflix and Chill. I just want to get to know you, listen to some music.

HC: How do you feel about PDA?

HMC: I’m not a strong fan of it. That’s kind of like high school stuff, leave it at the house.

HC: How soon will you claim her on social media?

HMC: I feel like as soon as I claim and establish her as my girlfriend. I’m not really a stickler. I really like to get to know a person, so I’m not going to even lie it takes a few months.  

HC: What makes her girlfriend material versus just a fling?

HMC: It’s a combination of a couple things. First being that she’s beautiful on the inside and out. Personality is a big thing, I need to know that you're smart. I need to know that you’re consciously aware of things that are happening around you in society and around spiritually. If you cook and clean that would be great too.

HC: Can a girl and a guy just be friends?

HMC: They can but I feel like they will have affections for each other, I’ve never seen it successfully done. I’ve seen it last for a time but then sooner or later it turns into something.

HC: Would you cuff someone that your friend has messed with?

HMC: Nah, that’s guy code.

HC: Does sex on the first date mean that she’s not wifey material?

HMC: Not at all, it’s just sex things happen.

HC: Why do guys disappear or “go ghost” instead of talking to a girl when they aren’t interested anymore?

HMC: Because, guy’s are sensitive too. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a savage it more like a just ignore it and move on thing. Guys don’t really want to face it; men can sometimes be to prideful. He doesn’t want to face something that could harm or hurt his pride. Instead of talking it out like he should do he just moves on like it never even happened.

HC: Do you tweet and IG watch?

HMC:  I have IG watched, I don’t really tweet stalk, and I post more conscious type of stuff.

HC: Biggest turn on and turn off?

HMC: I really hate women that smoke cigarettes, and a turn on would be when she’s just glowing, like if she just comes into class looking all good. She walks in just knowing she’s the boss that’s attractive.

HC: What’s the sexiest thing a girl has ever done for you?

HMC: I got a dance once for my birthday and that was pretty nice.

HC: What are your thoughts on butt injections, weave, and makeup

HMC: I don’t really like butt injections I think they just deface a woman’s body, weave that’s up to her. I mean, I like natural hair but some people think it helps their beauty so I don’t mind it. I don’t really like makeup I’m not big on makeup I like a natural look.

HC: Who helps you out with relationship advice?

HMC:  Twitter or my cousin, he’s really been helping out that’s my big brother.

HC: What are your thoughts on virgins?

HMC: If you think you need to keep it to yourself until the time is right that’s perfectly fine.

HC: What makes a girl undateable?

HMC: When she’s arrogant and just kind of self-obsessed I really don’t like that.

HC: What would you do if you are with a girl but then you realize that she stinks what would you do?

HMC: Oh my boss just called I have to go to the radio station.

HC: How do you feel after you get a haircut?

HMC: I feel like the man. Like right now I’m a seven but with my hair cut I’m a twenty. I feel like I can pull anything.