Hampton Man Crush: DMNT Rocky

On this week's edition of The Hampton Man Crush we have, Raquan “DMNT ROCKY”  Haynes is a senior accounting major from Freehold,NJ. Rocky has his own clothing line called DMNT. Rocky and his brother created DMNT in 2012 when they both decided that they were spending way too much one clothes so that is when they came up with the idea to create their own brand and actually invest in themselves. When you first meet Rocky he may seem a little bit shy but once he warms up to you you’ll be on the floor because he’s hilarious. On top of his personality he is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. Ladies make sure you cop some DMNT apparel and check out the interview questions below to find out more!  

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

HMC: Lauren London, that's my baby, she's wifed to my favorite rapper Nipsey Hussle.

HC: How would you describe the perfect girlfriend?

HMC: It would have to be the one I have now. She is loving, caring, puts me first all the time, and she's loyal.

HC: What do you like most about your girlfriend?

HMC: I like how close she is with her family, they have a strong bond.

HC: What attracted you the most to your girlfriend?

HMC: Her face and her eyes. She has really big eyes and  I just love them.

HC: How would you describe your personality?

HMC: I’m very quiet and calm but, if you push me I can be crazy oh yea and im funny.

HC: What is your favorite thing to do on a romantic date?

HMC: I’m not romantic at all, but my favorite thing to do on a date would be dinner and a movie. (Laughs)

HC: Which is better to listen to your heart or your brain?

HMC: It would have  to be your heart because, once you listen to what your heart is saying your find the key to happiness and success.

HC: Who do you think should make the first move male’s or female's?

HMC: In my opinion it doesn't matter  male or female you should go after what you like. You don't want to miss your opportunity by pursuing what you're interested in .  

HC: What is the longest relationship that you’ve been in?

HMC: The one that i'm currently in now, we been going 4 years soon to be  5