Hampton Homecoming... It’s Just Different

In High School, when I first came to Hampton on a college tour, I asked the SRT guide about things to do outside of academics. What I was really asking was, ‘Is this school lit?’ but I couldn’t really say that as I was walking around with my parents. My tour guide eventually caught my drift and said “we make our own fun.”

I thought she was just saying that to ease the nerves of my parents from the thought of potentially sending their child to a party school; but, she wasn’t lying. Hampton isn’t a lively city, we’re not in a highly populated city with excitement around every corner. Don’t get me wrong, Hampton, VA has some pretty cool things to do, but I don’t think people consider it “lit”.

Fast forward to when my first Homecoming came around, I was shocked to see how many Hamptonians hated on our own Homecoming. I thought we would have more excitement, but all I heard were complaints before it even started. 

 I think as students here, we have to realize that Hampton is just different. That's in all aspects, but especially Homecoming. We should have more pride in our school and not compare it to other Homecomings. Hampton students are known for making the best out of all situations and making something out of nothing, that’s what makes us, The Real HU! 

We can take a cancelled concert and turn it into a block party- we can take the students’ talents and make them feel like celebrities - we can start a party at the waterfront with one small speaker - we can turn rainy depressing days into lit 12-2s with moves before and after- we can support each other through every obstacle thrown at us. 

We’re The Real HU because we celebrate the little moments and we celebrate them well. We just need to transfer that energy into our Homecomings every year and take pride in our unique Homecoming experience. We should definitely have high expectations but always remember that Homecoming is what WE make it, so let’s make it lit!