Greek of The Week: Malik Robinson

Meet Malik Robinson, this week’s Greek of the week! Malik is a graduating senior, strategic communications major, marketing minor from Chesapeake, VA who also serves as 2019-2020 Mr. Iota Phi Theta.



HC: I had to dig while I was looking for your Instagram! Please explain the meaning behind your Instagram name: @laugingwithmalik_ 

MR: When you get to know me you realize I'm very goofy and I’m always laughing at something. Even when it’s time to get serious I may laugh. I get told all the time to stop laughing Malik.

HC: Also while stalking your Instagram, I noticed you constantly repost music news or any drama within the music industry. Do you keep up with any artist in particular or do you just have a general interest in the industry? 

MR: I have a general interest in music. I like different genres like hip hop, R&B (new and old), and I love gospel music.

Nicki Minaj! I love her! I can tell you anything; release dates, lyrics, albums! I admire her art and work.


HC: Earlier, I mentioned digging for your Instagram, what does digging mean to you in terms of your organization and its values?

MR: Digging to me, it means really getting down in the dirt, working in the community, and working around others. Even digging within yourself, starting from the ground up. Starting from a little to nothing and making something great out of it.


HC: Originally you were the duce then ace and solo of your line, how was that experience and how has it impacted you?

MR: Personally, I was very excited and anxious to be on line with another person and once that fell through I was very emotional because it got my hopes up. I was looking forward to open up to someone else and build a bond. Initially I became lonely and I had negative feelings about it but looking back, it made me stronger as a person. I can now handle certain situations because I have a different mindset. I came out stronger. 


HC: What made you choose strategic communications as a major and what do you plan on doing with it?

MR: Going tol Chesapeake Center of Science and Technology during my senior year is what really influenced me. It peaked my interest into filming and photography, recording, and editing. 

In the near future I want to be a cameraman for a sitcom or movie company that specializes in humor. I could see myself working with TBS or BET, even Netflix or Hulu. 


I just know I want to be behind the camera recording, maybe one day I could be on camera but my interest is behind the camera. Down the line I’d like to own my own film production company centered around comedy.

HC: It is your fourth and final year at Hampton, what advice do you wish to give to underclassmen that you wish someone would have given to you?

MR: Don't be afraid of being alone or having a small circle. You don't have to try so hard to fit in, don't be afraid to be different. I wish I would have known not to be afraid to not fit and and to not feel pressured to change myself. 


HC: How do you want your classmates to remember you as?


MR: As a funny, humorous, always smiling and an easy going person.