Greek of the Week: Alyssa Brown

Alyssa Brown is a junior Biology major on the pre-med track from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, and she also enjoys traveling, meeting new people, spending time with friends and family, and overall trying new things.  

Q: What Makes Alyssa Unique? 

A: I think the one thing that makes me unique is that I am compassionate and understanding. I am always  wondering why my friends or family act the way they do, and always trying to understand them better. I am also a genuine, real, and loving person. Not that many people are real these days. 

Q: What is your favorite event that your organization does on campus and why ? 

A: My favorite event is the Crimson and Cream Christmas party . I have been going since my freshman year. As college students, we are always stressed and it's sometimes hard for us around this time to relax and unwind. The party gets you in the Christmas spirit, which I really love! “ 

Q: Tell us more about your program with Boston University, and any overall advice you have for Premed Students 

A: So my sophomore year I got accepted into Boston University’s early medical school selection program. Basically, its program where I spend every single summer there, and I spend my senior year there and I take graduate-level courses and MCAT prep. It is a really good opportunity, and I am glad that I took advantage of it and put in the work. I do not think a lot of people take advantage of the opportunity, the application is extremely long. I took the time to fill out and it was really rewarding in the end. So just overall, take advantage of the opportunities that are given . If you are interested in the Boston University program, I encourage people to talk to me for more info! My advice for pre-med students is to take it seriously and work hard. At times I find myself really unmotivated, but you have to find something that pushes you and makes you keep going. The road is not going to be easy, but it will be rewarding. You will also have to make certain sacrifices that your friends aren’t making. 

Q: What have been your biggest lessons that you have taken away from being a member of Delta Sigma Theta? 

A: “I have learned many things, but the two biggest things I have learned is this: 1) Take things with a grain of salt. 2) Take constructive criticism and learn how to grow from it. Some people take it in a negative way but it is to help you. I also learned not to take constructive criticism too harshly. “

Q: Describe your  Personal Style 

A: My personal style is versatile and kinda just goes with how I am feeling on that day like I am not dressing cute on a test day. *Laughs* 

*I Laugh too haha* 

Q: What is the best memory you have with your line sisters so far? 

A: My best memory with my line sisters is when some of them came down for the national convention in New Orleans. It was cut short slightly cause of the hurricane, and we were able to see the city. I was able to show people that I love my city, and that was really special to me. I also loved showing them new foods and trying new things and just overall loved showing them, New Orleans. 

Q: What is one fact/funny thing about you, that people wouldn’t expect? 

A: “Hmmm, I have been a competitive swimmer since I was 5 years old all the way through high school. When I was 13 I was third in the state for Breaststroke, that is definitely something most people would not know! 

Thank you so much, Alyssa, for being Our greek of the week. To keep up with Alyssa and follow her on Instagram @alyssa__brown